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Immigration Solicitors

Experts in immigration, the effect of BREXIT on individuals, nationality law, emigration, work permits, repatriation, points-based applications in North, South, East, West, Central & City of London, enquiries, legal advice & Brexit status, also UK visa applications, appeals, EEA residence cards & schemes, sponsorship licences, expatriate staff, skilled migrant programme, UK deportation, immigration removal, immigration bail, human rights applications, UK spouse visas, students and further leave to remain.

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Immigration Solicitors

  • Freemans Solicitors featured site
    Specialist Immigration & Nationality law solicitors in Central London for individuals and companies. Dealing with work permits, student / study visas, marriage / unmarried partner's concessions as well as asylum cases.
    Upper Woburn Place
    WC1H 0HW
    t: 020 7935 3522

  • Simons Rodkin Litigation Solicitors featured site
    North London Immigration Solicitors. Appeal hearings - this is a core area of their work, applications for leave to remain, residency or nationality, applications for members of your family to enter and remain in the UK.
    North London
    N12 0BT
    t: 020 8446 6223

  • Davidson Morris featured site
    Their business immigration team in London is one of the largest specialist immigration teams in the UK with substantial experience of business / commercial immigration, PBS Licence applications, civil penalties, PBS licence revocation and suspension.
    London - Cambridge - Birmingham - Manchester - Aberdeen
    EC3M 7AY
    t: 020 7494 0118

  • Doughty Street Chambers
    Immigration solicitors in Central London. Providing a high quality comprehensive service for those affected by immigration and nationality law. Representation and advice is provided at all levels of the appellate system and the courts.
    Central London
    WC1N 2LS
    t: 020 7404 1313

  • Theva Solicitors
    London immigration lawyers with a team of experienced solicitors and case workers. They have a long tradition of instructing experienced AIT Judges, QC's and learned barristers with not less than 15 years experience to represent its valuable clients.
    IG1 2LE
    t: 020 8478 5797
    m: 079 5023 0676

  • Adam Bernard Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in East London providing Brexit advice on all immigration law, asylum and all types of visa applications - entry clearance applications, applications from UK & abroad, appeals, extensions.
    East London
    E6 1PW
    t: 020 7100 2525

  • Sunrise Solicitors & Immigration Consultants
    Immigration solicitors in South West London including 24/7 emergency. Services include asylum claims, discretionary leave, marriage applications, visit or tourist visa, visa as a dependent child, extension of student leave and film crew on location.
    South West London
    SW19 1AX
    t: 020 8543 0999
    m: 07940 356 532

  • Wilson & Co.
    Immigration solicitors in North London. Extensive experience in the whole range of immigration, asylum and nationality work, at all levels up to and including the House of Lords and the European Court of Human Rights.
    North London
    N17 8AD
    t: 020 8808 7535

  • Mandy Peters Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in South East London. Advice available on naturalisation and settlement applications, visa applications, UK work permits, entry clearance, HSMP applications, working holiday makers, marriage and visa extension applications.
    South East London
    SE12 8RU
    t: 020 8297 4000

  • Gherson
    Immigration & nationality law solicitors in Central London. Handle all immigration issues - Tiers 1, 2, 4 & 5. They provide legal representation to international business executives, private and public companies, banks, investors and individuals.
    Marble Arch
    W1H 7AL
    t: 020 7724 4488

  • AMZ Law
    Central London immigration solicitors. Specialist lawyers that handle all applications and appeals for corporate & individual clients.
    Central London
    W2 1ED
    t: 020 7724 7888

  • J D Spicer Zeb
    Immigration solicitors in North West London. Dealing wih asylum claims, married and unmarried partner concession, extension and variation of leave, indefinite leave to remain, british nationality, entry clearance and work permits.
    North West London
    NW6 4JD
    t: 020 7624 7771

  • Luqmani Thompson & Partners
    Specialist immigration, asylum & human rights law solicitors in North London providing Brexit advice on all visa applications to individuals and corporate clients.
    North London
    N22 6BB
    t: 020 8365 7800

  • Taylor Hampton Solicitors LLP
    Emigration solicitors, based in Central London, for those wishing to migrate to Australia. Offer a fast and cost efficient service 7 days a week, giving first rate knowledge and experience of the Australian immigration system.
    Central London
    WC2R 1AT
    t: 020 7427 5970
    m: 07939 324 663

  • Avery Emerson
    Immigration solicitors in East London. Specialising in all aspects of immigration and nationality law including work permits, visas, business visitors, british citizenship, students and working holiday makers.
    East London
    IG3 9TH
    t: 020 8215 0884

  • Wellsprings Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in East London specialising in Brexit advice and all visa applications - visitors, students, asylum seekers, businesses and sponsors, British citizenship, European nationals, partners and families.
    IG11 8FG
    t: 020 3538 6084

  • Copper Stone Solicitors
    A niche immigration law practice in Central London, providing specialist advice on all aspects of UK business and personal immigration and nationality law.
    Central London
    E1 8EW
    t: 0845 644 7986

  • Smith Stone Walters
    Solicitors firm in South East London with services covering all aspects of UK permit applications, nationality law and United Kingdom work permits and UK visa applications.
    South East London
    BR1 3EJ
    t: 020 8461 6660

  • Migration Expert
    Migration Expert is a private immigration company with OISC registered migration consultants representing clients worldwide wishing to apply for a UK visa. Fee-based service plus official government charges, often complex visa application process.
    W1S 3HF
    t: 020 3100 5200

  • South England Solicitors
    Accredited immigration solicitor covering all West London areas with many years experience in all aspects of immigration visa categories; points based system from Tier 1 to Tier 5 applications, all in country appeal related work to the AIT etc.
    West London
    HA3 8RP
    t: 0800 848 8991

  • Ahmed Rahman Carr LLP
    Immigration solicitors in North London working on belf of individuals and corporate clients.
    North London
    N7 9DP
    t: 020 7609 1155

  • Thomas More Chambers
    Immigration counsel in Central London. Areas of expertise include asylum and human rights, deportation, removal and repatriation, detention, bail and habeas corpus, entry clearance, EC free movement law and settlement and return to the UK.
    Central London
    WC2A 3BP
    t: 020 7404 7000

  • Adams Law
    Immigration solicitors in Central London. Expertise and experience in all aspects of immigration law for private clients. Advice for people wishing to study in the UK and help with bringing families together.
    Central London
    W1G 0PW
    t: 020 7182 4500

  • Jones Kelleher & Associates
    Immigration solicitors in South East London. Expert advice on all aspects of UK work permit and immigration, other than asylum.
    South East London
    SE10 9PS
    t: 020 8858 4488

  • Cornerstone Barristers
    Immigration solicitors in Central London. Advises and represents clients on all aspects of immigration, nationality and refugee law including arrest, detention and deportation, access to welfare, support and asylum claims.
    Central London
    WC1R 5JH
    t: 020 7242 4986

  • Lester Dominic Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in North London. They can help you in the following areas temporary visas, family and dependents, working in the UK, business immigration, EEA and association agreements, nationality and settlement, appeals and judicial review.
    North London
    N3 1XT
    t: 020 8371 7400

  • Article1 Immigration Lawyers
    Article 1 is a law firm specialising in UK immigration law. Its immigration solicitors and barristers are recognised as national leaders in the field of UK immigration, EU and human rights law.
    W8 7JB
    t: 020 3761 9999

  • Garth Coates Solicitors
    24/7 immigration & nationality solicitors in Central London. The principal has previously worked for the UK Border Agency and has over 18 years' experience as a specialist immigration lawyer with extensive experience in immigration applications.
    Central London
    W1D 2EU
    t: 020 7993 6299

  • KLR Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in SE London providing Brexit advice for all visa applications for individual & corporate clients.
    SE London
    DA14 6DW
    t: 020 8300 6666

  • Leslie & Co
    Specialists in immigration law dealing with visas, extensions, appeals, marriage visas, indefinite leave to remain, asylum, fresh claims, overstayers, detention / bail work. High success rate in appeals applications
    West London
    TW3 1NW
    t: 020 8577 5491

  • Duncan Lewis & Co
    Immigration solicitors in West London. Experience in general immigration, business immigration and asylum. They have wide-ranging experience of assisting immigration clients, particularly in applications and claims for asylum.
    West London
    W12 8HA
    t: 020 7923 4020

  • Four Corners
    Immigration agents & consultants in South West London, providing expertise to assist you or your business with visas to emigrate from the UK to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.
    South West London
    SW6 4LX
    t: 0845 841 9453

  • Cotisens Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in East London. Immigration advice including residence permit applications, work permits and HSMP applications.
    East London
    IG11 8ED
    t: 020 8594 8683

  • 786 Law Associates
    London immigration solicitors - advice organisation specializing in most types of immigration to the UK, deal with entry clearance applications from outside the UK, and applications to the Home Office for those that can be lodged from within the UK.
    IG11 8BB
    t: 020 3137 7866

  • AKCanada
    Canadian immigration law firm of Abrams & Krochak provides immigration services that make your Canada immigration process run smoothly and quickly. Over 30 years of combined experience as immigration law attorneys.
    Toronto, Canada
    t: 416 482 3387

  • Archstone Solicitors
    Immigration, nationality, asylum & human rights solicitors in East London dealing with all visa applications, hearings & appeals, EEA and family members, long residence, indefinite leave to remain, naturalisation and British citizenship etc.
    East London
    E15 1DY
    t: 020 8534 8008

  • First Precedent & Visa Services
    South London firm specialising in all aspects of immigration law. Their work includes indefinite leave to remain, entry clearance applications, refusals, appeals, discretionary applications & divorce. Fully regulated service.
    South London
    CR2 2RE
    t: 020 8726 0555

  • Bhatt Murphy
    Immigration detention solicitors, particularly children in detention, in Hackney also specialising in police misconduct, tariff setting for life sentenced prisoners, deaths in custody, parole hearings, prison disciplinary system.
    N1 6NN
    t: 020 7729 1115

  • Immigration and Visa Solicitors
    Specialist immigration solicitors in the City of London with in-house barristers providing expertise in tier 1 investor and entrepreneur visas, marriage visas, spouse visas, judicial review, deportation & removal notices, human rights and appeals.
    EC4Y 9AA
    t: 020 7183 0529

  • Johns & Saggar Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in Grays Inn Road. Offering advice on family and dependant visa applications, student visas, business immigration, work permits, highly skilled migrant programme and indefinite leave to remain.
    Grays Inn Road
    WC1X 8HR
    t: 020 3490 1475

  • Dorcas Funmi & Co Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in South East London. Offer a comprehensive immigration service from application to appeal stage. Provide a detailed service on applications from inside and outside the United Kingdom.
    South East London
    DA8 1JQ
    t: 01322 335 005

  • Wesley Gryk Solicitors LLP
    Immigration solicitors in South East London. Able to help with all immigration issues, whether you want to enter the UK to work, to set up your own business, to seek political asylum, to take a university course or to settle with a partner.
    South East London
    SE1 7AE
    t: 020 7401 6887

  • Solutions in Law
    A UK law firm that specialises in USA Immigration and Visa preparation.
    t: 020 7470 7252

  • Westkin Associates
    A law firm based in Central London specialising in all aspects of immigration law from immigration applications to appeals. Free initial consultation for 20 minutes.
    W1S 1HT
    t: 020 7016 7786

  • RLegal Solicitors
    Specialist UK immigration solicitors, based in Central London, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, providing advice and assistance with UK visas.
    Central London
    W1B 5TG
    t: 020 7038 3980

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Related Categories
Accommodation Campus & Hostels
Citizenship Courses
Criminal Defence Solicitors
DNA & Paternity Tests
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Extradition Law Solicitors
Living in London
Prison Law
Student Accommodation
Surrogacy Law
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