Bankruptcy Solicitors London

Solicitors in North, South, East, West & Central London areas specialising in insolvency, financial difficulties, IVAs, other forms of debt handling, administration and bankruptcy for private and corporate clients, also providing advice and guidance pre and post bankruptcy for all parties.

    Simons Rodkin SolicitorsFeatured
    Bankruptcy solicitors in North London covering all London areas for companies and individuals. Their team of bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers have gained considerable expertise in all areas of personal bankruptcy and corporate insolvency.
    N3 3HP
    020 8446 6223

    Simons Rodkin SolicitorsFeatured
    Bankruptcy solicitors in Central London covering all London areas for companies and individuals. Their team of bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers have gained considerable expertise in all areas of personal bankruptcy and corporate insolvency.
    Bloomsbury Street
    WC1B 3QJ
    020 7112 8841

    R.o.c.k Solicitors
    Bankruptcy, insolvency & debt solicitors in Wandsworth.
    SW12 9DJ
    020 8673 5819

    Cartwright Cunningham Haselgrove & Co Solicitors
    Bankruptcy & insolvency solicitors in Waltham Forest
    Waltham Forest
    E17 9PL
    020 8506 5200

    Fletcher Day
    Bankruptcy and insolvency solicitors in the City of London that provide advice to companies and individuals in all aspects of both.
    City of London
    EC3R 8AJ
    020 7870 3887

    Isadore Goldman Solicitors
    Bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring solicitors in central London - a boutique legal practice where they aim to provide a true ‘partner led’ service via experienced lawyers who are all experts in their fields.
    EC3V 0HR
    020 7353 1000

    Pepperells Solicitors
    Bankruptcy and insolvency solicitors in Victoria where their specialised team of solicitors have considerable amounts of expertise when advising you on the right step.
    SW1V 1LW.
    020 7099 0700

    JPC Law
    Insolvency & bankruptcy solicitors in Belsize Road that deal with all aspects of debt recovery including the issuing of statutory demands as well as the presentation of bankruptcy and winding up petitions.
    Belsize Road
    NW6 4BT
    020 7625 4424

    Moore Barlow LLP
    Bankruptcy solicitors in London, Surrey and Hants that will take time to understand your individual circumstances in order to clearly explain all the options available to you. Sound legal advice can help you find solutions to the problems you face.
    London - Surrey - Hampshire
    023 8071 8000

    Amphlett Lissimore
    Bankruptcy and insolvency solicitors in the London borough of Croydon offering high quality legal services that will deal professionally and effectively with your legal requirements.
    Crystal Palace
    SE19 3AF
    020 8185 7458

    Bloomsbury Law Solicitors
    Insolvency & bankruptcy solicitors in Westminster who are experienced in advising insolvency practitionersn individuals and companies who require advice on corporate restructuring as well as private individuals facing bankruptcy.
    W1U 4DJ
    020 7998 7777

    HSR Solicitors
    Bankruptcy and insolvency solicitors in Tower Hamlets also specialising in debt recovery - letter before action, issue legal proceedings, judgment and enforcement, defended actions.
    Tower Hamlets
    E1 0HY
    020 7791 1111

    Montagues LLP
    Insolvency and bankruptcy solicitors in North London that can assist with sending letters before action, issuing and serving Court proceedings, issuing abd serving statutory demands, tracing of debtors and enforcement of judgments.
    North London
    N1 1RQ
    020 7226 8238

    Scott-Moncrieff & Associates Ltd
    Insolvency and restructuring solicitors in the City of London. Their legal team currently offers advice to national and international clients and are highly experienced in managing cross-border insolvency matters.
    City of London
    EC4Y 0HP
    020 3972 9011

    Rose & Rose
    Bankruptcy and insolvency solicitors in Kingston upon Thames.
    Kingston upon Thames
    KT1 1HL
    020 8974 7490

    Hodders Law
    Highly experienced corporate team of solicitors in Hillingdon providing a broad range of transactional and advisory services to institutions, entrepreneurs as well as public and private companies.
    UB4 0SD
    020 8965 9862

    Blake-Turner LLP
    Insolvency solicitors in the City of London, whether you are owed money, rationalising and reorganising your business, or suffering cash flow or more fundamental issues, they have a wealth of experience in using insolvency legislation.
    City of London
    EC3M 4BE
    020 8038 5419

    Edwin Coe
    Insolvency & restructuring lawyers in Central London well placed to advise you on all aspects of insolvency, bankruptcy and liquidation. Expertise include liquidations, bankruptcy, CVAs, IVAs, administrations & director's disqualification proceedings.
    Central London
    WC2A 3TH
    020 7691 4000

    Winding up Petition Solicitors
    Specialist winding up solicitors in the City of London with in-house barristers. Insolvency law expertise on injunctions (restrain advertisement / presentation), validation orders (to unfreeze bank accounts), adjournments & defending HMRC petitions.
    EC4Y 9AA
    020 7183 0529

    Farleys Solicitors LLP
    Bankruptcy solicitors in London offering free, impartial and confidential advice to enable you to manage and reduce your debts. They will listen to your problems and offer you a solution that will allow you to get your finances back under control.
    EC4Y 0DR
    020 7936 6366

    South Bank Legal
    Bankruptcy & insolvency solicitors in Southwark acting for companies and individuals in financial difficulty as well as creditors seeking to recover debts and protect their position in cases of actual or threatened insolvency.
    SE1 0SW
    020 3126 6584

    Hadfield Bull & Bull
    Bankruptcy solicitors in Bexley specialising in negotiation with creditors such as HMRC. corporate insolvency and rescue.
    DA16 3AX
    020 8301 0808

    Blake Morgan
    Insolvency & business recovery lawyers in the City of London advising insolvency practitioners, funders, debtors and other business stakeholders in relation to the provision, management and recovery of debt finance, the recovery of assets.
    EC4A 3DJ
    020 7405 2000

    Access Lawyers
    Specialist bankruptcy lawyers in Tottenham, North London that have expertise in all areas - insolvency, debt management, bankruptcy, liquidation, administration, individual voluntary arrangements covering all London areas.
    N17 0DH
    020 8801 2345

    Selachii LLP Solicitors
    Bankruptcy solicitors in Kensington.
    W8 4SG
    020 3553 0100

    Spencer West
    Insolvency solicitors in central London handling most types of related matters including assisting individuals and companies restructure and refinance debt, defend statutory demands and dismiss bankruptcy and winding up petitions.
    Chiswell Street
    EC1Y 4TW
    020 7925 8080

    Arlingsworth Solicitors
    Bankruptcy solicitors in Westminster specialising in personal bankruptcy, individual voluntary arrangements (IVA), debt relief orders (DRO), enforcement restriction orders, county court administration orders and debt repayment plans
    SW1P 4QP
    020 3358 0058
    07502 333 636

    Ardens Law Solicitors
    Specialist bankruptcy solicitors in Tower Hamlets. If you are considering applying for bankruptcy, get in touch with their experts for sympathetic and impartial advice and support.
    Tower Hamlets
    E1 6BD
    020 7100 7098

    Steadfast Solicitors
    Bankruptcy solicitors in NW London.
    Staples Corner
    NW2 7HD
    020 8438 6322

    Clarke Willmott
    Bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring solicitors in central London with a specialist team of restructuring and insolvency solicitors is led by six partners with a combined total of over 90 years’ experience and expertise.
    EC3A 6AB
    020 3733 6000

    Moss Beachley & Mullem Solicitors
    Bankruptcy solicitors in Central London handling applications to set aside statutory demands and defend or set aside bankruptcy petitions and orders.
    Central London
    W1H 1HA
    020 7402 1401

    Lovell Chohan Solicitors
    Bankruptcy & insolvency solicitors in Hounslow.
    TW3 3EB
    020 8814 7590

    Edwards Duthie Shamash Solicitors
    Bankruptcy, insolvency, financial difficulty & debt solicitors in Hackney, East London for clients in Dalston, Shoreditch, Clapton, Stoke Newington & surrounds. Advice & guidance pre & post bankruptcy for all parties.
    E8 1HE
    020 8514 9000

    Benchmark Solicitors
    Bankruptcy and insolvency solicitors in central London
    Central London
    EC4Y 0DA
    020 3405 4540

    Archstone Solicitors
    Specialist bankruptcy solicitors in Stratford, East London that will safeguard your interests regarding insolvency, bankruptcy and and winding up petitions.
    E15 1DY
    020 8534 8008

    Awan Solicitors
    Bankruptcy solicitors in Croydon specialising in IVA's that pride themselves on the quality and speed of their service. Languages spoken include Italian, Spanish, French, Urdu and Punjabi.
    CR0 0XZ
    020 8781 1838

    Percy Short & Cuthbert Solicitors
    Bankruptcy, insolvency and debt solicitors in Islington
    N7 6PZ
    020 7700 0265

    Bates Wells & Braithwaite
    Insolvency Law solicitors in the City of London that act for insolvency practitioners as well as advising banks, other financial institutions, creditors, businesses in financial difficulties and their directors or trustees.
    City of London
    EC4M 6YH
    020 7551 7777

    Dumonts Solicitors
    Solicitors in Holborn that are specialists in bankruptcy and insolvency law experienced to help companies and individuals offering clarity in this technical area of law.
    WC1A 2RP
    020 3929 9508

    Clarkson Wright & Jakes LLP
    Bankruptcy solicitors in Bromley, Kent offering debt recovery services including restructuring, pre-pack arrangements, acquisitions & sales of companies in administration, winding up, ccompany voluntary arrangements & directors disqualifications.
    BR6 0PG
    01689 887 887

    Montecristo LLP
    Insolvency and bankruptcy lawyers in Westminster specialising in services including business restructuring, business advice, debt recovery and IVAs.
    W1J 7UA
    0845 299 7866

    Huggins & Lewis Foskett Solicitors
    Bankruptcy, insolvency & debt solicitors in Redbridge.
    E18 1BG
    020 3535 5844

    JMW Solicitors
    Bankruptcy & insolvency solicitors in the City of London.
    City of London
    EC2V 8BB
    020 3675 7600

    Freemans Solicitors
    Bankruptcy solicitors in central London providing advice on all related issues especially in relation to non-contentious and contentions matters, Directors disqualification proceedings - all personal or business insolvency issues.
    Upper Woburn Place
    WC1H 0HW
    020 7935 3522

    Frederick Rine
    Bankruptcy & insolvency solicitors in Barnet, North London.
    EN5 5RY
    020 8440 9833

    Summit Law LLP
    Bankruptcy & insolvency solicitors in central London that help individuals and companies. Their lawyers also speak fluent Spanish, German, Italian and Polish so if you are not an UK national they can help you understand UK bankruptcy procedures.
    Russell Square
    WC1B 4JP
    020 7467 3980

    Duncan Lewis & Co
    Bankruptcy, debt & insolvency solicitors in Barking, Romford & Dagenham who appreciate that unemployment, separation, sickness or bereavement are participating factors in an individual’s inability to pay.
    IG11 8PD
    020 7923 4020

    Walter Wilson Richmond
    Bankruptcy, insolvency and company liquidations solicitors in Harrow.
    HA1 2DE
    020 8427 8484

    Cavendish Legal Group
    Bankruptcy, insolvency & administration solicitors at offices in the City of London, Crouch End and Walthamstow.
    EC1A 2DJ
    020 3962 7777

    Leon Kaye Solicitors
    Corporate and individual insolvency & bankruptcy solicitors in Chelsea.
    SW6 2EH
    020 7228 2020

    Peter Otto and Co Solicitors
    Bankruptcy and insolvency solicitors in Peckham, SE London.
    SE15 4TL
    020 7252 8278

    William Sturges
    Bankruptcy and insolvency solicitors in Westminster offering advice and help in the reorganisation of companies to licensed insolvency practitioners.
    SW1H 0QY
    020 7873 1000

    Saul Marine & Co
    Bankruptcy solicitors in Mill Hill North West London specialising in drafting statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions to claim money for a client and drafting winding up petitions.
    Mill Hill
    NW7 2AS
    020 8959 6090

    TolTops Solicitors
    Bankruptcy solicitors in Greenwich, SE London.
    SE18 6PF
    020 3247 4674

    Arlington Crown Solicitors
    Bankruptcy, debt & insolvency solicitors in Enfield.
    N13 5RY
    020 8882 1166

    Francis Wilks and Jones
    Insolvency litigation solicitors in the City of London with expertise in asset recovery and realisation, misfeasance claims, transactions at an undervalue, transactions defrauding creditors, wrongful trading and bankruptcy annulments.
    City of London
    EC1R 5HL
    020 7841 0390

    West London Law
    Bankruptcy law solicitors in Brentford, West London providing advice and legal help for setting aside statutory demands, dismissing bankruptcy petitions, appealing bankruptcy orders, IVAs, defending possession and sale applications.
    TW8 9DW
    020 7889 0100

    Collyer Bristow
    Insolvency solicitors in Camden advising on administration, bankruptcy, protecting the family home, business restructions, directors disqualification, liquidations, corporate recovery, debt management, voluntary arrangements and debt recovery.
    WC1R 4DF
    020 7242 7363

    Courtyard Solicitors LLP
    Bankruptcy, insolvency & debt solicitors in Wimbledon.
    SW19 1NE
    020 8946 9466

    Harold Benjamin Solicitors
    Banlruptcy and insolvency solicitors in central and NW London who regularly advise individuals who have been served with a statutory demand or a bankruptcy petition and who need advice on their options and what steps they should take.
    Central London - Harrow
    W1G 8HP
    020 7224 0888

    Southgate & Co Solicitors
    Solicitors in Haringey specialising in bankruptcy, insolvency & business law that are committed to providing a high quality service and sound advice to both commercial and private clients.
    N15 5LE
    020 8809 0010

    J E Baring & Co
    Bankruptcy and insolvemcy solicitors in the City of London.
    Hatton Garden
    EC1N 8LE
    020 7242 8966

    Sethi Partnership Solicitors
    Bankruptcy & insolvency solicitors in Hillingdon. If you have been served with a Statutory Demand then they have the expertise to advise you as to whether it may be successfully set aside, and to assist you in making the application to the Court.
    HA4 8TB
    020 8866 6464

    Anthony Gold Solicitors
    Solicitors in Southwark with experts able to advise on commercial bankruptcy issues. They will analyse the evidence and your goals at the outset and consider all the options with you in order to obtain the best outcome possible
    SE1 2QN
    020 7940 4000

    Baron Grey
    Bankruptcy solicitors in the Richmond borough specialising in debt collection, negotiating debt write-off, debt consolidation, mortgage repossessions, credit refusals, County Court Judgments (CCJs).
    TW1 2EF
    020 8891 4311

    Bankruptcy Advice Online
    Guide on how to go bankrupt, get expert bankruptcy advice online, information on going bankrupt and declaring bankruptcy in the UK.
    N1 7GU
    0800 088 2143

    JP Fletcher & Co. Solicitors
    Central London solicitors with an established reputation in bankruptcy and insolvency matters and provide advice on all aspects of corporate and personal insolvency.
    W1F 7RJ
    020 7494 4700

    Palmers Solicitors
    Lawyers in East London and Essex specialists in bankruptcy and commercial debt litigation able to assist you, both in deciding which procedure is most likely to result in the recovery of money owed and in all aspects of insolvent estate administration.
    East London
    RM16 6HH
    01375 484 444

    Osmond & Osmond Solicitors
    Insolvency and bankruptcy solicitors in the City of London that understand that both increase as individuals and businesses find that they are unable to meet their financial commitments and struggle to repay their debts.
    City of London
    EC4Y 0HP
    020 7583 3434

    Hylton-Potts Legal Consultants
    Insolvency lawyers in Hammersmith & Fulham South West London that advise on individual voluntary arrangements, fastrack VA, company voluntary arrangements, bankruptcy, restructuring, receivership, administration and liquidation.
    Hammersmith - Fulham
    SW6 6JT
    020 7381 8111

    Banks Kelly Solicitors
    Corporate insolvency solicitors in London, administrations, liquidations, receiverships, company voluntary arrangements, winding up proceedings, directors’ disqualification proceedings, creditors’ committees, debt consolidation.
    EC2V 8AU
    020 7248 4231