Battery Suppliers

Battery suppliers in London, wholesale and online suppliers of batteries, button cells, phone batteries, watch batteries, camera batteries, battery chargers.

    House of Batteries
    Battery supplier servicing London with a range of batteries available including Duracell, AgfaPhoto, Energizer, Pnasonic, Philips, Procell, Yuasa, rechargeables, sealed led acid and eveready.
    01636 640 676

    Quality Battery chargers, Rechargeable, Single use, Watch, Button cell & Specialist batteries. Also sell a range of Electrical & Audio accessories. Brands include Uniross, Duracell, Energizer, Sony, Panasonic, Maxell, Renata, Kodak etc
    01422 883035

    CPC Battery Services
    Established in 1983, Over 5,000 batteries in stock covering 500 battery types,
    Twickenham - Middlesex
    TW2 5DY
    020 8898 6972

    Powercell Industrial Battery Engineers
    An independent company that has emerged as a leader in the industrial battery and handling industry
    Rayne, Essex
    CM77 6SP
    0845 058 1388

    WatchBattery (UK)
    The no frills web site which will allow you to order a watch battery, camera battery, digital camera battery, cordless phone battery, watchstrap or watch and have it delivered to your door, post free in the UK
    01793 778127

    Power Depot
    Online discount batteries. Cordless drill batteries, laptop batteries, laptop ac/dc adapters, digital camera & camcorder batteries, battery chargers & many more electronic products. Low prices, high quality, fast shipping.
    01772 454688

    Batteries Plus
    Can supply all the domestic, mobile phone, digital camera, camcorder, cordless phone batteries, and button cells, including nimh, nicad, lithium, alkaline. Shop online
    Sevenoaks, Kent
    TN15 7HX
    01474 871262

    Battery House
    Watch battery, coin cell and other small batteries. All batteries are from high quality branded manufacturers and delivered from fresh stock.
    01333 310625

    Wholesale suppliers of batteries, watches and straps
    Ilford, Essex
    IG2 6XG
    020 8551 4433
    A manufacturer representative and distributor of laptop batteries, camcorder batteries, digital camera batteries, power tools batteries, battery chargers and other accessories.
    01772 454677

    Baruch Enterprises
    Battery suppliers in North London, that provide you with the best service and best product at a competitive price.
    North London
    N18 2NG
    020 8803 8899

    The Battery Company Ltd
    Established business selling replacement and rechargeable batteries, wholesale and retail. They supply an extensive range of industrial and domestic batteries to factories, outlets and direct to the public.
    01702 258903

    Buy A Battery
    Buyabattery are leading industry specialists selling every size of battery you might need, top brands, rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and accessories. [Very useful online store].
    01706 691888

    Advanced Battery Supplies
    OEM lead acid, GEL, AGM heavy duty 12 volt car batteries, battery units for industrial use, deep cysle & cyclic batteries for leisure, marine, golf, electric wheelchair, mobility vehicles, emergency lighting, alarm, VRLA computer system. UPS cell pack
    0800 195 9897

    Battery Warehouse
    Leading household name battery brands such as Duracell, Philips, Panasonic, GP, Energizer, Eveready & AgfaPhoto batteries. Battery chargers, repair service, complete range of power solutions for laptops, digital cameras, MP3 players, smartphones, PDAs.
    0845 301 3017

    Battery Trader
    Replacement cordless power tool batteries, battery packs for drills, screwdrivers and other portable tools.
    01708 737575