Doorbells London

Suppliers to London of Door Chimes, Doorbells and Bell Pushes both Modern and Antique
    Specialises in meeting the needs of people who are deaf or hearing impaired and they have developed a reputation for supplying quality products including doorknock beacons, wireless doorknock transmitters and more
    RH2 9YR
    01737 247571

    Door bells and chimes online
    01293 565630

    They provide a complete range of Door Chimes, Doorbells and Bell Pushes. They provide both wired and wireless bells and chimes
    01629 815849
    Wireless doorbells and chimes online
    01629 815849

    Shop4 Security & Electrical
    A wide range of electrical goods, including door bells, door bell batteries and wireless alarm kits.
    01484 454454

    Days Gone By
    Includes the complete range of GNU pulley mounted clothes airers, Charlotte Watson pottery in cream & black, traditional French Style House Signs, Stainless Steel & Brass House Number & a vast selection of door bells, pulls & pushes
    01983 822806

    Antique Doorbells
    Develops innovative products for the antique trade and most of their products are unique. They bring modern technology and innovation to the old and elegant world of antiques - not to destroy - rather to enhance and make available to a much wider audience
    01584 711818