Extradition Law Solicitors South London

Extradition law solicitors and barristers covering the boroughs of Croydon & Sutton, specialist advice by experts in this complex area of law.

    Clarke Kiernan LLP
    Extradition law solicitors in South London Anyone arrested under an extradition warrant, no matter where in England and Wales, is taken in custody to Westminster Magistratesí Court for the first hearing. A bail application can be made at this hearing.
    South London
    01732 360999

    Blackfords LLP
    Extradition solicitors in Croydon with significant experience of dealing with extradition requests, both in terms of European Arrest Warrants and non-EU extradition proceedings.
    CR0 1EA
    020 8686 6232

    McCormacks Law
    Internationally recognised extradition solicitors covering the boroughs of Croydon & Sutton. They can advise clients prior to an arrest warrant being issued.
    South London
    E1 4UN
    020 7791 2000

    Freemans Extradition Law Solicitors
    Extradition Law solicitors serving South London. Attendance 24/7. Specialising in all issues relating to extradition law.
    South London
    020 7935 3522
    0797 325 9382

    Edwards Vaziraney Solicitors
    Extradition law solicitors in South London with experience in all types of extradition cases.
    South London
    020 8249 6536

    GT Stewart Solicitors
    Extradition law solicitors in Croydon. Different rules apply depending on which country wishes to extradite you and all requests can be contested or challenged. It is important to obtain bail as early as possible to assist your challenge.
    CR0 2TD
    020 8774 1100

    MK Law Solicitors
    Extradition law solicitors in South London with several years experience in this area of law.
    BR1 1EG
    020 8692 2694.

    Tuckers Solicitors
    Based in Camberwell, they offer clients the advice required to protect their interests when fighting an extradition request & they recognize that such requests may have fundamental consequences for those on the receiving end.
    SE5 8QU
    020 7703 2324

    Mansouri & Son Solicitors
    Extradition solicitors in Croydon. They have extensive expertise in all aspects of proceedings from the Magistrates Courts through to Crown Courts and all Appellate Courts.
    CR0 1QB
    020 8401 7352

    Taylor Rose MW Solicitors
    Extradition law solicitors in New Addington. Their specialist extradition team are expert in fighting any type of extradition based on technical, procedural and, in particular, human rights grounds.
    New Addington
    CR0 0JD
    01689 843 311