London Foundries

Casting and engineering companies in London and the South East specialising in foundry work, sand castings, bell making and smelting. Production of high integrity magnesium alloys and aluminium.

    Special Metals Wiggin
    Nickel alloy manufacturer that is part of the Special Metals Corporation, a world leader in the innovation and manufacture of high-nickel, high performance superalloys.
    HR4 9SL
    01432 382 200

    Draycast Foundries Limited
    Offers a market leading casting service to engineering companies throughout the world
    HP5 2NR
    014949 786077

    Manufacturers of water fittings of exclusive design
    Harlow. Essex
    CM20 2AP
    01279 421788

    UK Racing Castings
    A British foundry for British racing castings - sand castings in magnesium alloys and aluminium alloys
    Queenborough, Kent
    ME11 5JP
    01795 585454

    Whitechapel Bell Foundry
    The world's most famous bell foundry, makers of Big Ben and the Liberty Bell. Bell-making craftsmanship that spans over half a millennium, covering handbells, tower bells, clock bells, carillons, turret bells, and all other aspects of bell-ringing
    E1 1DY
    020 7247 2599