Kinesiology London

Kinesiology in London. Clinics and Kinesiology practitioners providing complementary therapies, holistic massage and more to facilitate personal development and improve your health and performance

    Alexandria Healing Centre
    They provide skilled practitioners in energy work to assist you in your personal development and wellbeing
    West Ealing
    W13 0NR
    020 8579 6230

    Beverley Chilcott
    Aromatherapist, Kinesiologist, Reflexologist, Reiki and Karuna master
    0118 932 8395

    Trisha Mulholland
    More than 15 years of working professionally as a healer and spiritual teacher. Trisha has her own powerful and unique system of healing. Skills include Therapeutic, Chironic and Shamanic Healing, Counselling, Kinesiology and Vibrational Medicine
    N7 9LX
    020 7609 4956

    Kinesiology Studio
    Liz combines using systematic kinesiology and vatural nutrition using Chinese traditional medicine and the law of the 5 elements. This is a powerful way of working biochemically, biomechanically and emotionally
    Wimbledon, London
    SW19 3NF
    020 8540 9241

    Hairgrowth UK
    Regrowing hair holistically
    Surbiton, Surrey

    Jonathan Livingstone
    Therapy, coaching and training. Specialising in trauma therapy and to quit smoking. Jonathan combines contemporary therapeutic models of NLP, Kinesiology, EMDR, EFT and Hypnotherapy
    NW6 6AA
    020 8357 2523

    Health Kinesiology
    An experienced Health Kinesiology practitioner, Franky combines professionalism with a warm, easygoing manner. She currently runs a busy practice in London. She is also a qualified Health Kinesiology teacher, offering workshops for students
    Harley Street
    W1G 9QD
    020 8341 6096

    Touch for Health Kinesiology
    This site has information for individuals, groups and companies on how Kinesiology can facilitate personal development and improve health and performance
    0870 7667656

    Kinesiology in London
    An experienced Kinesiologist, practicing in London and the South East of England. Holds qualifications in Advanced Kinesiology, Chinese Five Elements, nutrition, biology, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, cell biology, counselling and first aid
    020 7629 2927

    The South London Natural Health Centre
    Therapy and healing is offered 7 days a week. Reflexology and kinesiology are also very popular plus nutrition and chinese medicine are highly acclaimed
    SW4 7AA
    020 7720 8817

    Melanie Flower Natural Healthcare
    Health Kinesiology works for a whole range of health conditions
    Central London, W1
    W1W 7SU
    020 8133 9074

    Melanie Murphy Kinesiology
    Melanie Murphy is an experienced Kinesiologist based in the City of London. Kinesiology is a safe, drug free, natural, totally holistic therapy that uses muscle testing. She is passionate about kinesiology & is happy to answer any questions.
    EC2N 2AT
    07540 075409

    The Kindway
    Combines Nutritional Therapy with Kinesiology allowing for a whole body approach to improving and promoting optimum health and wellbeing.
    01799 520684

    Brain Gym
    The official site for Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology in the UK
    NW4 2HR
    020 8202 3141

    Claudia Benson Health Kinesiology
    Health kinesiologist therapist based in a clinic in North London. Practicing since 2001, registered with the Kinesiology Federation. For stress, IBS, PMT, allergy testing, food and environment sensitivities, skin problems, tiredness.
    N6 5JT
    020 7272 4121

    Life Potential
    A unique health and well being practice developed by Maggie la Tourelle. It offers a holistic and integrated approach that can enable you to live your life more creatively and realise your greatest potential in all areas of your life
    Kentish Town
    NW5 2DS
    020 7485 4215

    Aim to provide the very best in complementary medicine and alternative healthcare, working with you to improve every aspect of your health and well-being
    BN7 2DB
    01273 470955