Primary & Prep Schools Hackney

Infant, primary, junior, prepreparatory and preparatory schools in the Hackney area. Independent, voluntary aided, church and state maintained establishments.

    Burbage JM&I
    Full and part-time nursery provision, two reception classes and breakfast club
    Ivy Street
    N1 5JD
    020 7739 8591

    Berger Primary School
    Primary school with 60 children in each year group. Part-time nursery.
    Anderson Road
    E9 6HB
    020 8985 6280

    Sebright School
    Primary school with nursery class for 400 children from 3-11yrs.
    Goldsmiths Row
    E2 8QH
    020 7739 6531

    Tyssen Community Primary School
    Growing community school with a vibrant mix of different races and cultures for children from 5-11yrs. Autistic base for special needs.
    Stamford Hill
    N16 6QA
    020 8806 4130

    Benthal Primary and JM School
    Reception classes for 60 children, part time nursery and after school club
    Benthal Road
    N16 7AU
    020 8985 9310

    Jubilee Primary School
    At Gayhurst they ensure children learn at their maximum capacity. Pupils pass through from nursery age to year 6 to prepare them for their secondary school.
    N16 6NR
    020 8806 5446

    Brook Community Primary
    Reception classes of 60 children, part-time nursery and after school club
    Sigdon Road
    E8 1AS
    020 7254 4090

    William Patten Primary School
    Mixed primary school with approx 470 children enrolled from 3yrs in the nursery to 11yrs old.
    Stoke Newington
    N16 0NX
    020 7254 4014

    Baden-Powell Primary School
    Primary school with reception class of 30 children, full and part time nursery class, before and after school clubs.
    Ferron Road
    E5 8DN
    020 8985 6176

    Part-time nursery and one reception class
    Colvstone Crescent
    E8 2LG
    020 7254 1143