Rolfing is a system of hands-on, connective tissue manipulation which releases both deep and superficial stress patterns in the human organism. London based practitioners are listed here.

    The Hogarth Health Club
    Prue Rankin-Smith has been a rolfer since 1983 and practises at The Hogarth Club in Chiswick, West London.
    Chiswick, West London
    W4 2NW
    020 8995 4600

    London Rolfing Clinic
    Naomi Wynter-Vincent is a certified Rolfer™, yoga teacher and massage therapist in London and Luton. Rolfing is a structured course of treatment that can help with back pain, posture problems and unresolved injuries: a ‘tune-up’ for the whole body.
    WC1H 9PZ

    Heaven Within
    A complementary and holistic therapies and teaching centre where great care and attention is given to detail while serving client and teaching students
    HA3 9HR
    020 8238 9986

    Giovanni Felicioni
    A certified rolfer and rolf movement practioner in North London. Giovanni has been practising as a bodyworker in London and abroad for the past 18 years.
    Tufnell Park, London
    N19 5ES
    07904 289672

    The Henry Spink Foundation
    The Foundation is an independent charity set up by Henry Spink's parents to assist families who, like them, have a child diagnosed with severe disabilities

    Alan Richardson
    Central London certified advanced rolfer. Rolfing movement practitioner and cranio-sacral therapist.
    Regents Park
    W1B 1PF
    020 8883 7655