Roller Derby

London roller-skate rinks can host Roller Derby and London has teams listed here that bring the thrills and spills of this fast activity to the public.

    London Rockin Rollers
    Sweet as sin and twice as dangerous, The London Rockin Rollers are your passport to the thrills and spills of high voltage roller derby in London.

    London Rollergirls
    Hot on the heels of a hugely successful resurgence in the United States, the London Rollergirls are the first league to bring the new revival of Women's flat-track roller derby to the UK.

    The Brawl Saints
    London Rollergirls' All-stars reserve team consisting of up to 6 "crossover" London Brawling members, plus 14 more BS squad skaters, compete on a national and international level, second only to London Brawling on the European derby scene.