Wheel Clamping

Wheel Clamping in London. London companies providing solutions to unauthorised vehicle parking and car parking control services such as parking protection, car security, wheel clampers, ticketing systems and towing.

    Flash Park
    A London based parking enforcement agency which provides completely new way to meet the changing demands of parking services on private land and can solve your unauthorised parking problems
    N6 6QS
    0800 096 5757

    Gemini Parking Solutions
    GPS is a sophisticated and innovative private company. Their aim is to combat illegal, disallowed or inappropriate parking in private residential and corporate sectors.
    0871 200 2143

    Precise Security Ltd
    Free wheel clamping, parking tickets and vehicle removal service on private land. Operating throughout England and Wales 24/7. Car park management including pay and display with profit sharing. All services are free of charge
    0845 618 8522

    National Clamps
    Provide you with a solution tailored to your needs by their competent and well trained staff who use over twelve years of experience in the industry to your advantage

    Parking Patrol
    The original and proven alternative to wheel clamping
    0870 720 3807

    Creative Car Park Management
    Offers you a total solution to unauthorised vehicles parking on your land. Automated camera ticketing systems and traditional clamping and towing service
    NW7 4SD
    0870 209 8000

    Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd
    Providing for car park management needs and helping combat unauthorised parking.
    N6 6QS
    0800 096 5757

    Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd
    Formed to provide our clients with an effective means of deterring unauthorised parking. Their aim is to solve all your parking problems
    N6 6QU
    0800 096 5757

    Parking Control Services
    Licenced by SIA and approved opperators of BPA, free clamping service and alternatives
    WC1N 3XX
    0800 970 5109

    TPS Parking Solutions
    One of the UK's leading car park management and enforcement companies, operating sites in the UK - from retail parks management to enforcement services.
    0845 257 3540

    Parking Control Management (UK) Limited
    Their head office, based in Berkshire, provides parking management services across the country. Their client base ranges from small residential areas, to retail parks and large corporate sites.
    01753 512603