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IVF & Fertility Clinics

London is a centre for IVF and fertility clinics and many specialist consultants are based here. Infertility is common and patients requiring n vitro fertilisation need look no further than these websites for a comprehensive range of treatments.

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IVF & Fertility Clinics

  • Liz Jeannet Acupuncture featured site
    A July 2016 acupuncture fertility study at the Homerton Hospital in London showed double the pregnancy rate with acupuncture treatment during the IVF cycle. Whether trying to conceive naturally or planning an IVF cycle acupuncture and nutrition can help.
    Belsize Park - Primrose Hill
    t: 07764 604998

  • Lister Fertility Clinic
    Widely recognised as one of the leading fertility centres in the UK with over a decade of proven success. Practical information for couples contemplating or undertaking fertility treatment.
    Chelsea Bridge Road
    SW1W 8RH
    t: 020 7730 5932

  • Concept Fertility Clinic
    A fully comprehensive one-stop bespoke personalised fertility service in Putney and Parkside Wimbledon South West London and Mitcham Surrey.
    Mitcham - Putnet - Wimbledon
    t: 020 3388 3000

  • IVF Turkey
    Assisted reproductive technology in Turkey including IVF, ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), Embryo & sperm cryopresevation, intrauterine inseminations (IUI), ovulation induction, co-culture (artificial uterus) & micromanipulation methods.
    Istanbul, Turkey
    t: +90 21286 77918

  • Create Fertility
    Create Fertility provide natural & mild IVF at their clinics in the City of London and Wimbledon SW London, a holistic evidence based approach to infertility, assisted conception, production of high quality eggs & embryos, excellent success rates.
    Wimbledon SW London - St Pauls City of London
    t: 0333 920 3539

  • The London Bridge Fertility, Gynaecology & Genetics Centre
    One of Central London's leading fertility clinics offering comprehensive services and treatments.
    London Bridge
    SE1 9RY
    t: 020 7403 3363

  • Guy's & St Thomas Assisted Conception Unit
    A caring fertility service because childlessness matters. The team of medical and scientific experts are dedicated to giving a comprehensive and caring fertility service and offering the highest standards of treatment.
    St. Thomas Street
    SE1 9RT
    t: 020 7188 2300

  • The Zita West Clinic
    The first of its kind in the UK. Midwife-led practice, combining the latest in Western medical thinking with advanced natural treatments and therapies. Experienced in boosting fertility and they can help improve your chances of successful IVF treatment.
    Devonshire Street
    W1G 7AL
    t: 020 7580 2169

  • King's College Hospital Assisted Conception Unit
    Founded in 1983, the unit performs approximately 200 IVF cycles and 400 ICSI cycles per year. They provide a comprehensive range of investigations and treatment for infertility, with about 40% of patients funded by the NHS.
    Denmark Hill
    SE5 9RS
    t: 020 3299 9000

  • TCM Fertility Clinic
    A specialist Traditional Chinese Medicine Fertility clinic headed by a specialist clinician who has been practising herbal medicine and acupuncture for more than 20 years.
    Harley Street
    t: 020 8429 8468

  • GP Acupuncture Clinic Harley Street
    Harley St acupuncture clinic offers specialist fertility & reproductive medical care supporting natural conception & treatments alongside IVF. Proudly associated with & supported by medical counsellors, holistic patient care.
    Harley Street
    W1G 7JA
    t: 020 3432 2622

  • Wolfson Family Clinic at Hammersmith Hospital
    Based in Hammersmith, West London, their multi-disciplinary team provide efficient and effective reproduction treatment options in a caring and professional environment.
    W12 0HS
    t: 0845 811 6644

  • Barts and The London Fertility Centre
    One of the most successful fertility clinics in the NHS offering a full range of assisted reproductive techniques for both NHS and private patients. City of London based.
    West Smithfield
    EC1A 7BE
    t: 020 7377 7000

  • London Fertility Centre
    One of the most comprehensive and long standing providers of assisted conception treatments in the UK. Offers a broad scope of services for both male and female factor infertility.
    Harley Street
    WIG 7JH
    t: 020 7224 0707

  • North East London Fertility Services
    Their North East London - Essex fertility unit helps to treat all individuals who wish to avail themselves of its services.
    IG3 8LF
    t: 020 8597 7414

  • CRM London
    IVF and fertility clinic that offers all aspects of infertility diagnosis, treatment and laboratory services and is conveniently situated near Regents Park in Central London.
    NW8 7JL
    t: 020 7616 6767

  • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Assisted Conception Unit
    Widely recognised as a leading fertility centre in the UK with over a decade of proven success. Treat over 1,000 couples pa and understand the needs of individual couples facing fertility treatment.
    Fulham Road
    SW10 9NH
    t: 020 8746 8585

  • Fertility UK
    The national fertility awareness & NFP service for the UK providing comprehensive and objective information.

  • Harley Street Fertility Centre
    One of the leading specialist centres for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility in the UK, with the latest in technological advances. Centres in Harley Street W1 and Reading, Berkshire.
    Harley St W1 - Reading, Berks
    t: 020 7935 2234

  • The Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health
    CRGH is a private IVF clinic in Central London which consistently delivers top IVF success rates, making them one of the best fertility clinics in London and the UK.
    Great Portland Street
    W1W 5QS
    t: 020 7837 2905

  • ManorIVF
    ManorIVF offers highly-reputable ART treatments to women and couples in London, for the past several years they have made their IVF & egg donation programmes available to patients from Australia, UK, Western Europe, Israel, North America.
    Harley St, London
    W1G 9QD
    t: 020 3807 3003

  • The London Women's Clinic London
    The London Women's Clinic is rated in the top three of UK licensed centres for women aged to 35. Provides IVF & fertility treatment to assist couples & individuals overcome difficulties in conception & pregnancy. Clinics in Cardiff, Swansea & Darlington.
    Harley Street
    W1G 6AP
    t: 020 7487 5050

  • Herts & Essex Fertility Centre
    Consistently one of the top IVF clinics in the UK with the UK's newest IVF facilities. Their excellent success rate is down to the fact that they have helped deliver nearly 3,500 babies and now treat over 700 new couples every year.
    Cheshunt, Herts
    EN8 9XP
    t: 01992 78 50 60

  • The London Women's Clinic
    Harley St clinic headed by Peter Bowen-Simpkins providing IVF & fertility treatment to assist couples & individuals overcome conception difficulty. Low cost packages for all budgets & patients, donor sperm, free IVF for egg sharers.
    Harley Street
    W1G 6AP
    t: 020 7487 5050

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DNA & Paternity Tests
Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
Pregnancy & Birth
Pregnancy Scans
Surrogacy Law

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