Criminal Defence Solicitors North London

Criminal defence solicitors and lawyers providing 24/7 court & free police station attendance across North London in the boroughs of Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and surrounds, provision of defence to all crime arrests including fraud, financial crime, theft, assault, drugs, sexual assault, rape & murder, knife crime, domestic assault, driving & motoring offences, burglary, kidnap, public order, road traffic, terrorism and other issues. Legal aid available.

    Pickwick SolicitorsFeatured
    Criminal defence solicitors covering all North London police stations, the magistrates' court, the youth court and the crown court, also advise clients in relation to DWP investigations and all investigations under police caution.
    North London
    020 8502 9398
    07961 102 829

    Moss & Co. Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors in Hachney attending all police stations 24/7 for all arrests and police interviews with extensive experience at all courts.
    E5 0NS
    020 8986 8336
    020 8533 0615

    GSG Law
    24/7 crime solicitors in Enfield specialising in all arrest defences for theft, burglary to murder, rape and terrorism attending all police stations and courts.
    EN1 2QB
    07964 690 590

    Traymans LLP
    24/7 police station solicitors in Stoke Newington attending all police stations for all criminal arrests and police interviews and attending all London courts.
    Stoke Newington
    N16 0LH
    020 7249 9980
    07860 594 909

    Achom and Partners Solicitors
    24/7 police station solicitors in Finsbury Park dealing with all arrests, assault, driving offences, drug related offences, murder and manslaughter, sex crimes, theft & white collar crimes, violent crimes & youth offences.
    Finsbury Park
    N4 3EN
    020 7281 7222
    07956 585 666

    Old Bailey Solicitors
    Crime solicitors with extensive case experience in handling serious fraud, drugs, money laundering, murder, terrorism, sexual offences and other more unusual allegations.
    020 3170 7880
    07887 688 703

    Faradays Solicitors
    24-7 police station representative solicitors in Finsbury Park able to advise and assist on all aspects of criminal defence law. They aim to provide clients with a service of the highest quality, irrespective of the client’s matter or source of funding.
    Finsbury Park
    N7 7NS
    020 7281 1001

    Newgate Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in Barnet specialising in assault cases, motoring law, public order act, fraud & financial crime, drugs, murder, rape, burglary and all other crimes.
    EN5 5YL
    020 3828 1680

    Shepherd Harris & Co
    Criminal defence solicitors in Enfield offering 24/7 police station duty solicitor attendance. They are able to deal with every area of the criminal law right from the smallest of motoring offences to the ultimate crime of murder.
    EN1 3EL
    020 8363 8341

    McCormacks Law
    Criminal law defence solicitors covering the area. Specialising in criminal law work, serious and complex casework and specialist fraud. They also operate a 24 hour arrest defence service visitng all police stations in the area.
    020 7791 2000

    Joseph Mynah & Co Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in North London attending all police stations, magistrates & crown courts for all arrests - proceeds of crime, fraud serious crime including murder, rape and all police interviews.
    North London
    N17 9TA
    020 8365 9940
    07931 438 272

    Julliz Solicitors LLP
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in Enfield attending all police stations and all courts. They regularly represent clients at police station interviews, magistrates’ courts, crown courts and criminal court of appeal hearings.
    EN2 0BX
    020 8370 4980
    07796 064 373

    Galbraith Branley Solicitors
    Fraud defence solicitors in North Finchley. They have a superb reputation for defending fraud and serious crime, using public and private funding. Translation services if required. Members of Specialist Fraud Panel.
    North Finchley
    N12 9QD
    020 8446 8474

    EBR Attridge Solicitors
    A leading criminal practice covering every police station in the area. They specialise in all kinds of criminal cases, including fraud enquiries initiated by the police, Serious Fraud Office and HM Revenue and Customs.
    020 8808 0774

    Berkeley Square Solicitors
    Seious crime solicitors covering all North London police stations. Criminal defence specialists undertaking every aspect of criminal law from commercial crime, sanctions busting and drugs importation to murder, assaults and general crime.
    North London
    020 8411 0221

    OJN Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors in Enfield: benefit fraud, shop lifting, money laundering, murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, possession of weapons & firearms, robbery, burglary, serious sexual offences & internet crime.
    EN2 6BN
    07587 132 604

    Hetheringtons Solicitors Ltd
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in North London attending all police stations for all arrests or interviews for an alleged crime with experience in all advocacy work, representing you in court for any matter.
    North London
    N15 4AC
    020 8808 1593
    07976 352 651

    Sunnyfields Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in North London attending all police stations & courts for all arrests & interviews. A small firm that gives personal attention to all cases whether arrested for theft or burglary, from assault to fraud from rape to murder
    North London
    01707 909038
    07958 087 828

    Powell Spencer & Partners
    Experienced criminal defence solicitors available 24 hours a day. All their solicitors have experience in dealing with a wide range of offences and are able to represent you in the police station, magistrates court or in the crown court.
    020 7604 5600
    0765 911 8181 Out of hours

    Joseph Hill & Co
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in North London attending all police stations following arrest or for police interviews. Experienced in all crime - youths, complex and serious fraud, murder, cash seizures, all general crime.
    North London
    N15 4AJ
    020 8880 3535
    07831 800 401

    Wilson & Co Solicitors
    Arrest defence criminal solicitors in Tottenham. Specialising in crime & available 24/7. They are specialists in dealing with the most serious and complicated cases, including complex fraud and financial impropriety.
    N17 8AD
    020 8808 7535

    Stuart Miller Solicitors
    Specialist crime solicitors in Wood Green offering advice on VAT fraud, money laundering, confiscation, restraint orders, insider dealing, mortgage fraud, false representation, serious crime, road traffic, extradition and criminal appeals.
    Wood Green
    N22 8HF
    020 8888 5225

    Freemans Criminal Defence Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors. Police station attendance 24/7. Specialising in fraud, money laundering and serious white collar crimes and murder, rape & sexual offences, terrorism, drugs & related crimes, burglary, theft and other crimes.
    020 7935 3522
    0797 325 9382

    Needham Poulier Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in North London attending all police stations and all courts with experience of all arrests and police interviews.
    North London
    N17 6EW
    020 8808 6622

    Elliott Stern Solicitors
    24 hour police station criminal defence solicitors covering all North London police stations for all types of arrest from motoring charges through to murder.
    N17 0SP
    020 8801 0444

    Hodge Jones & Allen
    Criminal defence solicitors with expertise in police station advice, computer and internet crime, confiscation and asset recovery, drug trafficking, extradition and mutual assistance, money laundering and motoring offences.
    NW1 2NB
    0800 437 0322

    Alexander Johnson
    Criminal defence solicitors in Hackney. Specialising in fraud, money laundering, VAT offences, deception, possession and importation of drugs, financial services authority prosecutions, murder, manslaughter and all areas of criminal law.
    E2 0AH
    020 7739 1563

    Aspen Morris Solicitors
    24/7 crime solicitors in Southgate attending all police stations and all courts with experience across the whole range of criminal arrests from the most minor through to fraud, rape and murder.
    N14 6HF
    020 8370 7750

    Michael Carroll & Co
    24/7 police station solicitors in Tottenham providing support throughout the criminal justice system including at magistrates court, crown court, probation, youth offending team, advice at prison including representation at prison adjudication panels.
    N6 5AX
    020 8365 9900
    07970 617644

    McKenzies Solicitors
    Criminal law solicitors in Edmonton offering free 24 hour police station advice and assistance for all clients. They have experience defending a range of criminal charges including fraud, serious and organised crime and driving offences.
    N9 9DU
    020 8350 4114
    24/7 - 020 8350 1451

    JFH Crime
    Crime solicitors in Kentish Town. JFH Law provides 24/7 representation in criminal defence law. They have their own barrister, Julia Furley, so are are able to provide expert representation throughout a criminal case. They cover all police stations.
    N1C 4PF
    020 7388 1658
    07939 958767

    Gillen De Alwis Solicitors
    Gillen De Alwis in Islington provide discreet advice & representation in all areas of international & corporate crime including corruption, bribery, fraud & financial misconduct. Expert in private prosecution work, defence & motoring.
    N1 0QH
    020 3457 6400

    Audu & Co
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in North London attending all police stations & courts for all crime from rape, murder, money laundering through to theft, burglary and all general crime.
    Kings Cross
    N1 0SQ
    020 7278 9340

    Dotcom Solicitors
    24/7 police station solicitors dealing with all arrests including theft / robbery, murder, manslaughter, rape, armed robbery, credit card fraud, white collar crime, terrorism, ABH, GBH, drug related charges.
    N17 9HT
    020 8880 9000