Criminal Defence Solicitors Central London

Criminal defence solicitors in Central London, 24/7 court & free police station attendance across the boroughs of Camden, City of London, Kensington & Chelsea, Lambeth, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Westminster and surrounding areas. Specialist legal advice in cases of arrest, dealing with fraud, financial crime, theft, assault, drugs, sexual assault, knife crime, rape & murder, domestic assault, money laundering, driving & motoring offences, burglary, kidnap, public order, road traffic, terrorism and other issues. Legal aid available.

    Max Anwar Criminal Defence SolicitorFeatured
    Solicitor with 24 years experience of criminal defence work. Available 24/7 and will in most cases personally attend police station and deal with matter throughout. Deals with all areas of law from theft to serious fraud, common assault to murder.
    07770 267894

    Specialist criminal defence lawyers covering all Central London areas. Attending all police stations 24/7 and experienced in dealing with all arrests from theft, burglary through to murder and terrorism.
    Central London
    07894 996 154

    Freemans Criminal Defence SolicitorsFeatured
    Criminal defence solicitors, duty police station attendance 24/7. Specialising in fraud, money laundering and serious white collar crimes and murder, rape & sexual offences, terrorism, drugs & related crimes, burglary, theft and other crimes.
    Upper Woburn Place
    WC1H 0HW
    020 7935 3522
    0797 325 9382

    Irwin Mitchell Solicitors
    Fraud solicitors in Holborn. There are few worse experiences for individuals and businesses than being investigated for fraud, financial or business crime. They specialise in this area.
    Holborn Viaduct
    EC1N 2PZ
    0870 1500 100

    Lawrence & Co Solicitors
    24/7 police station solicitors in Maida Vale dealing with all criminal arrests and all offences covering all London police stations - specialist departments that deal with Youth Courts, extradition court & court-martial cases.
    Maida Vale
    W9 2HU
    020 7266 4333
    07961 460 770

    Rodney Warren & Co
    24/7 police station defence in central London solicitors experienced in dealing with all criminal arrests from motoring offences to major and complex fraud, murder and drug importation.
    Central London
    EC4M 7EF
    020 3170 8422

    Shaw Graham Kersh
    Leading criminal law firm based in Westminter undertaking all serious and complex crime including murder, manslaughter, assault, drugs supply, sex offences, terrorism, money laundering, internet crime, fraud and extradition proceedings.
    W1F 7JF
    020 7734 9700

    Sonn Macmillan Walker
    24 hour police station solicitors in Islington specialising in all areas of criminal defence work including extradition, courts martial, road traffic offences, complex fraud, organised crime and white collar crime.
    E1 7HP
    020 7377 8889

    City of London crime solicitors specialising in white collar crime, corporate manslaughter, corporate criminal proceedings and personal criminal cases of all types.
    City of London
    EC2V 6LR
    020 7634 4620

    Lewis Nedas & Co
    24/7 police station representative solicitors in the City of London handling criminal appeals, extradition, firearms law, motoring law, money laundering, serious crime, serious fraud, sexual offences, financial fraud and tax investigations.
    Fleet Street
    EC4A 2AB
    020 3553 7987

    Holborn Adams - Private Clients
    City based Holborn Adams boasts extensive experience in criminal law, fraud, money laundering, all legal crises. Secure landmark results for clients, reputation for excellence within legal community, specialist serious crime solicitors & counsel.
    Old Broad St
    EC2N 1AR
    020 7060 4421

    Mary Monson Solicitors
    Criminal defence duty police station solicitors in Fleet Street specialising in all crimes, from theft & burglary, motoring offences to seious fraud, murder & rape.
    Fleet Street
    EC4Y 1JU
    020 7936 1967

    Henry Milner & Company
    A leading criminal defence firm of lawyers in central London available 24/7 for all criminal arrests or police station interviews.
    City of London
    EC4A 1BR
    020 7831 9944

    Kangs Solicitors
    24/7 police station lawyers with criminal defence specialists undertaking every aspect of criminal law from commercial crime, serious fraud, money laundering to murder, drugs importation and also general crime.
    City of London
    EC4Y 0DR
    020 7936 6396

    Forrest Williams
    Criminal defence solicitors with a central London office that does not work on a Legal Aid basis. Available 24/7 and provide police station attendance at all Met Police stations.
    EC4A 1JQ
    0800 1933 999

    Tuckers Solicitors
    Police station defence solicitors in Westminster with expertise in handling cases relating to serious fraud, terrorism, drugs, violence, child cruelty, sex crime, ASBOs, VOO, child cruelty, firearms and offensive weapons.
    W1T 6AF
    020 7388 8333

    Coninghams Solicitors
    Expertise in the most serious offences dealt with in Crown Court to minor motoring & other offences dealt with in Magistrates Court. Member of the Court Duty Solicitor Scheme offering a 24 hour emergency call out service. Public funding available.
    Grosvenor Gardens
    SW1W 0BS
    020 7821 1960

    Farooq Bajwa & Co
    Criminal defence solicitors in Mayfair providing a full range of legal defence services in relation to criminal law. Defending criminal charges at all levels from magistrates through to the high court.
    W1K 4QH
    020 3174 0332

    Janes Solicitors
    Fraud lawyers, solictors & Privy Council Agents. Defence of serious fraud, money laundering & proceeds of crime, road traffic offences, murder, armed robbery, drug trafficking & supply, terrorism, corruption.
    Pall Mall
    SW1Y 4AR
    020 7930 5100

    Daniel Berman & Co
    Kentish Town fraud defence lawyers. A member of the Specialist Fraud Panel. Specialist areas include serious, organised crime & financial crime, confiscation & asset forfeiture. They have close links with the Colombian community in London.
    Kentish Town
    NW5 1RS
    020 7428 7798

    Hughmans Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors in the City of London. 24 hour call following arrest at police stations 365 days. Their have defended numerous high profile actions brought by the CPS, the SFO, Serious Crime Directorate and HM Revenue and Customs.
    City of London
    EC4A 4HJ
    0870 608 3001

    McCormacks Law
    Criminal law defence solicitors in Mile End specialising in criminal law work, serious and complex casework and specialist fraud. They also operate a 24 hour arrest defence service visiting all Central London police stations.
    Mile End
    E1 4JN
    020 7791 2000

    O'Keeffe Solicitors
    A leading practice specialising in criminal defence at every level with lawyers specialising in terrorism, serious fraud, confiscation, international cases. Also murder, rape, organised crime, war crimes, robbery. 24/7 police station service.
    Chancery Lane
    WC1V 7QH
    020 3116 6840
    0800 917 9172

    Hodge Jones & Allen LLP
    Euston based criminal defence lawyers. Specialists in mortgage fraud, serious and organised crime, motoring offences, drug trafficking, murder, GBH offences and general crime.
    NW1 2NB
    0800 437 0322

    Old Bailey Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in Central London, with extensive case experience in handling serious fraud, drugs, money laundering, murder, terrorism, sexual offences and other more unusual allegations.
    Central London
    EC4M 7EF
    020 3170 7880
    07887 688 703

    Cubism Law
    Serious fraud and white collar crime solicitors in Westminster with specialist solicitors with considerable expertise in civil fraud, criminal fraud and insider dealing.
    WC2A 1PP
    020 7831 0101

    Powell Spencer & Partners
    Experienced criminal defence solicitors available 24 hours a day as duty police station solicitors in central London. All their solicitors have experience in dealing with a wide range of offences and are able to represent you whatever the offence.
    020 7604 5600

    Barker Gillette LLP
    Serious fraud crime solcitors in Wigmore Place. They handle confiscation & proceeds of crime proceedings, VAT evasion & IR proceedings, DTI enquiries & investigations.
    Wigmore Place
    W1U 2LU
    020 7636 0555

    Christian Khan
    247 police station solicitors in Westminster handling serious fraud office investigations, inland revenue, DTI enquiries, customs & excise, bail applications, murder, drug trafficking, kidnapping, rape, white collar crime & money laundering.
    WC1E 6HA
    020 7631 9500

    Tosswill & Co Solicitors
    24/7 police station specialist solicitors in Lambeth representng those suspected or accused of crime. They provide expert legal advice and representation during police enquiries and at court.
    SW2 1HP
    020 8674 9494

    EBR Attridge Solicitors
    Criminal defence duty police station solicitors in Bloomsbury, specialising in all criminal cases, including advising and representing clients involved in fraud enquiries initiated by the police, serious fraud office and HM Revenue and Customs.
    WC1A 2BP
    020 7842 8600

    Hollingsworth Edwards Solicitors
    24 7 police station solicitors covering Central London providing the highest standard of representation to clients, whether publicly or privately funded. GBH, ABH, rape, drugs offences, road traffic offences, murder and manslaughter.
    W12 8TX
    020 8740 4977

    Corker Binning
    Law firm specialising in criminal, fraud litigation. Experienced in all types of criminal cases, from road traffic offences to drug trafficking, murder and corporate manslaughter. Available 24 hours.
    WC2R 3JJ
    020 7353 6000

    Kaim Todner LLP
    City of London arrest defence solicitors, specialising in criminal law, serious fraud, international arrest warrants, military law & courts martial, duty police station attendance, investigation & arrest advice.
    City of London
    EC4A 3DQ
    020 7353 6660

    Kingsley Napley
    247 criminal defence solicitors in the City of London specialising in extradition, mutual legal assistance requests and international investigations into offences such as corruption, cartels, fraud and money laundering.
    City of London
    EC1M 4AJ
    020 7814 1204

    Hickman & Rose
    Criminal defence solicitors in the City of London with expertise in handling cases relating to homicide and murder, people and drugs smuggling, road traffic cases, assaults, sexual offences, dangerous dogs and prohibited weapons.
    City of London
    EC1R 0DB
    020 7702 5331

    JFH Crime
    247 criminal defence solicitors in Camden specialising in murder, GBH, assaults, kidnap, gang crime, firearms, drug offences, rape, indecent exposure, identity theft, benefit fraud, ASBOs, dangerous driving and drink driving.
    NW5 2AA
    020 7428 6311
    07939 958767

    David Phillips & Partners
    Criminal defence lawyers. Assist with Inland Revenue, Customs & Excise, VAT fraud, 'White collar' commercial & election fraud, money laundering, industrial espionage, drugs importation, motoring offences, assault, murder, offences against the person.
    Wimpole Street
    W1G 9RP
    0800 027 7870

    Lawtons Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors covering NW London able to deal with all nature of criminal offences on an emergency basis 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. Represent clients at police stations, magistrates courts, crown courts & appeal courts.
    City of London
    EC4Y 0DR
    0845 833 0581

    Azzopardi & Co
    Fluent in Italian, French and Spanish with some Arabic, Mr Azzopardi, the Principal, is also a member of the Serious Fraud Panel. Services include police station & Magistrates Court attendance, claims against the police, criminal franchise (legal aid).
    Sloane Square
    WC2R 1AP
    020 7353 6060

    Goldman Bailey Solicitors
    Specialist criminal defence practice in Camden undertaking every aspect of criminal law from serious fraud and money laundering, regulatory law, driving offences and general crime.
    NW1 7JL
    020 3326 2585

    Bark & Co
    Criminal defence solicitors in the City of London. Specialising in serious fraud & business crime, commercial and criminal fraud, business and tax regulation, tax investigations, white - collar crime and serious crime for individuals, and companies.
    City of London
    EC4V 6A
    0845 466 46 31

    Edward Hayes
    247 police station solicitors in the City of London dealing with serious fraud including VAT, DTI, inland revenue, FSA, international internet crime, murder, large conspiracies, customs & excise and drug importationEdw
    City of London
    EC4Y 1AA
    020 7353 0011

    Imran Khan and Partners
    Criminal defence solicitors in Holborn providing 24/7 duty solicitor police station representation. Specialists in fraud, money laundering, vat & tax evasion and all serious crime including terrorism, murder and drug related offences.
    WC1X 0BL
    020 7404 3004
    07738 802 993

    Blackfords LLP
    Criminal defence solicitors in Temple. One of the few firms nationally, that is authorised by the Legal Services Commission to undertake serious fraud cases, high profile, serious or organised crime, money laundering and terrorism cases.
    EC4Y 7AS
    020 8686 6232

    Punatar & Co. Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in the City of London. Specialising in white collar crime, serious fraud and general crime. Attendance at police stations, magistrates court & crown court.
    City of London
    E1 8EW
    020 7485 6677

    Rustem Guardian Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in High Holborn specialising in defending serious fraud, sexual offences, murder, terrorism, money laundering, VAT and tax fraud, mortgage fraud, MTIC fraud, insider dealing & all other serious crimes.
    High Holborn
    WC1V 7QT
    020 3929 9119

    HSR Solicitors
    Limehouse based solicitors with a specialism in crime and providing emergency legal help. Languages spoken include Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Russian and Urdu.
    E1 0HY
    020 7791 1111

    Berkeley Sahota Law
    Mayfair based arrest defence solicitors - criminal defence lawyers that are specialists undertaking every aspect of criminal law from commercial crime, sanctions busting and drugs importation to murder, assaults and general crime.
    W1J 7JY
    020 8411 0221

    Henri Brandman & Co
    247 police station representation solicitors in Westminster offering advice and assistance in cases including fraud, white collar crime, rape, terrorism, assault, road traffic offences, sexualt assault, confiscation and extradition.
    W1G 8AY
    020 7224 0616

    Fisher Meredith
    24/7 police station expert solicitors in High Holborn with experience in dealing with allegations of terrorism, murder, manslaughter, rape, sexual assault, public order offences, theft, robbery and burglary and possession of false ID.
    High Holborn
    WC1V 7PB
    020 7091 2700

    Starck Uberoi Solicitors
    Serious crime solicitor - advocates covering central London specialising in arrests for all drug related offences, fraud, motoring offences, confiscation proceedings, trading standard offences.
    Central London
    020 8840 6640

    Criminal Defence Solicitors
    24-7 criminal law solicitors in the City of London providing representation for serious fraud, prison law, manslaughter, money laundering, juvenile justice, tax evasion, insurance fraud, assault and battery.
    City of London
    WC2R 1BA
    020 7353 7000

    Whitelock & Storr
    24-7 crime lawyers in Westminster dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for clients in cases relating to road traffic offences, rape, murder, extradition, fraud, drug importation, money laundering, shoplifting and robbery.
    WC1A 2RL
    020 7405 3913

    Howard Kennedy Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors in central London dealing with cases on a private basis for a variety of offences ranging from road traffic violations through to serious criminal offences such as theft, assault, extradition, sexual offences and murder.
    W1W 5LS
    020 3350 3350
    07802 613477

    A Williams & Co Solicitors
    Their speciality practice deals in criminal litigation and the firm represents UK & international privately paying clients and corporations.
    Portland Place
    W1B 1PP
    020 7031 0363

    Seddons Solicitors
    Crime & commercial fraud duty police station specialist solicitors based in Westminster.
    SW1V 2ER
    020 7963 8585

    BCL Burton Copeland
    24/7 police station solicitors in Central London with expertise in handling criminal cases including money laundering, fraud, extradition, motor offences, sexual assuault, rape, tax investigations, theft, general and serious crime.
    Central London
    WC2A 3LZ
    020 7430 2277

    Bindman & Partners
    Gray's Inn Road criminal defence lawyers. They cover every aspect of the criminal justice system, from police station work right up to the House of Lords - public order, to murder, to serious fraud, to terrorism.
    Gray's Inn Road
    WC1X 8QB
    020 7833 4433