Criminal Defence Solicitors South East London

Criminal defence solicitors & lawyers across South East London, 24/7 court & police station attendance in SE London covering defence to all crime arrests in the boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lewisham and surrounds. Specialist criminal defence solicitors dealing with fraud, financial crime, theft, assault, drugs, sexual assault, rape & murder, knife crime, domestic assault, driving & motoring offences, burglary, kidnap, public order, road traffic, terrorism and other issues. Legal aid available.

    MK Law Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors available 24 hours a day offering representation in Police station, magistrates court, crown court and the court of appeal. They cater for legally aided and private paying clients.
    BR1 1EG
    020 8692 2694

    Dorcas Funmi & Co
    Erith based crime solicitors. They believe that immediate assistance from the point of police contact is crucial to providing the best defence. Their lawyers are on hand 24 hours to provide the urgent advice you require.
    DA8 1JQ
    01322 335005

    Thos Boyd Whyte Solicitors
    Criminal Defence solicitors in Bexleyheath. Their crime dept has been awarded a specialist quality mark by the Legal Services Commission.
    DA6 8DQ
    020 8298 6880

    AR Ralph & Co Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in Welling attending all police stations in the area with a track record of successfully defending people facing criminal charges in Magistrates Court, Crown Court and the Court of Appeal.
    DA16 1TY
    020 3940 5555
    07888 729715

    Manak Solicitors LLP
    24/7 crime solicitors in Orpington attending all police stations for arrests and interviews and covering all offences from theft through to rape and murder.
    BR6 0NW
    01689 870769

    Morrison Spowart Solicitors
    24/7 police station solicitors in Catford with experience in a wide range of cases including shoplifting, murder, manslaughter, armed robbery, sexual abuse, rape, assualt, fraud and large scale drug cases.
    SE6 4BD
    020 8698 9200

    Ikie Solicitors LLP
    Criminal defence solicitors in SE London attending all police stations and all courts for any arrest or police interview.
    SE13 5LG
    020 8463 0808

    McCormacks Law
    Criminal law defence solicitors. Specialising in criminal law work, serious and complex casework and specialist fraud. They also operate a 24 hour arrest defence service visitng all police stations throughout the area.
    020 7791 2000

    Stewart Begum Solicitors LLP
    24/7 police station defence solicitors covering all police stations in the city of London and experienced with dealing with all criminal defence arrests.
    City of London
    EC3N 1LS
    020 7036 0414
    07889 722 999

    Bridges Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in South East London attending all police stations and courts for all police arrests or interviews.
    SE4 2HH
    020 7732 9633
    07832 165 488

    EBR Attridge Solicitors
    A leading criminal law practice in Bermondsey. Advise & represent individuals & companies in fraud enquiries, restraint & forfeiture proceedings, football banning, kidnap, theft, drugs, serious crimes, drug cases & murder. Police station attendance.
    SE16 3RP
    020 7231 5166

    Taylor Rose MW Solicitors
    24/7 out of hours & emergency care solicitors in Bexleyheath, covering all South London police stations. They will give clear considered advice throughout police investigation and court proceedings.
    DA7 4JB
    020 8303 0168

    Old Bailey Solicitors
    Crime solicitors with extensive case experience in handling serious fraud, drugs, money laundering, murder, terrorism, sexual offences and other more unusual allegations.
    020 3170 7880
    07887 688 703

    Victory at Law Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors in Greenwich available to attend all police stations 24/7 for any criminal arrest and experienced in all courts.
    SE10 0JU
    020 8853 8335

    Frazer Bradshaw Solicitors
    Criminal law solicitors in Bromley. Dealing with all crime, they will attend 24 / 7 at both police station & court.
    BR1 1PG
    020 8466 5588
    07910 355 201

    Mountain Partnership
    24-7 police station solicitors in Lewisham with experience in the defence of clients charged with serious or minor criminal offences. They provide a fast, efficient and economical service to clients.
    SE14 5DJ
    020 7732 3737

    A Vincent Solicitors
    24/7 police station solicitors specialising in criminal defence that have represented clients in sexual offences cases, murder, manslaughter, fraud, money laundering, road traffic offences and many other offences.
    SE18 6EX
    020 8316 5858
    07932 614 911

    Aletta Shaw Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors in Bexleyheath
    DA6 8DG
    020 8301 4884

    Ewings & Co Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in Penge attending all police stations and courts in the area with experience of defending all arrests.
    SE20 7HW
    020 8778 1126
    07956 388093

    CFC Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence duty solicitors in Lewisham attending all police stations for arrests and interviews under caution.
    SE13 6EE
    020 3488 0155
    07549 667 079

    Berkeley Square Solicitors
    Crime solicitors covering all SE London police stations. Criminal defence specialists undertaking every aspect of criminal law from commercial crime, sanctions busting and drugs importation to murder, assaults and general crime.
    South East London
    020 8411 0221

    Lartey & Co Solicitors
    24/7 crime solicitors in Lewisham specialising in general and serious crime, fraud, financial & cyber crime, sexual offences, terrorism, dishonesty & public order offences.
    SE13 6EE
    020 8692 9006

    Ineyab Solicitors
    24/7 police station solicitors attending all criminal defence arrests and interviews and attending all courts in the area.
    SE4 2AA
    020 8694 6419
    07908 523 354

    Reeves & Co Solicitors Limited
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in Ashford specialising in all crime, military law, from motoring offences to murder, providing representation at all police stations and all courts.
    Ashford, Kent
    TN24 8TF
    01233 665 054

    Gans & Co
    Legal aid criminal defence solicitors in Peckham. 24 hour emergency call out, advice, representation at police stations. Assist with Crown court & magistrate court work, bail applications, fraud & money laundering, road traffic offences.
    SE15 4NL
    020 7469 7010

    Christob Solicitors
    24/7 police station solicitors in Deptford attending all SE London police stations and representing clients throughout the criminal defence process from police station interviews to magistrates & crown courts through to appeals.
    SE8 4HH
    020 8691 0003
    07533 895201

    Universe Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors in Greenwich available to attend all police stations for criminal arrests or interviews.
    SE10 8PD
    020 8692 8008

    Edwards Vaziraney Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in Beckenham providing assistance in cases relating to murder and attempted murder, serious assaults, armed robberies, firearms, drugs supply and importation and benefit fraud.
    BR3 1AT
    020 8249 6536

    David Phillips & Partners
    Criminal defence lawyers. Assist with Inland Revenue, Customs & Excise, VAT fraud, 'White collar' commercial & election fraud, money laundering, industrial espionage, drugs importation, motoring offences, assault, murder, offences against the person.
    SE18 5EF
    020 8597 5557

    Bankside Law
    Solicitors in Southwark specialising in providing expert advice in fraud and serious criminal matters.
    SE1 0AS
    020 7654 0225

    Venters Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors in Camberwell specialising in serious crime including murder, drugs, gun crime, sexual offences and internet pornography, specialist fraud, parole applications and prison law, youth crime & all other arrests.
    Camberwell Road
    SE5 0HG
    020 7277 0110

    Freemans Criminal Defence Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors. Police station attendance 24/7. Specialising in fraud, money laundering and serious white collar crimes and murder, rape & sexual offences, terrorism, drugs & related crimes, burglary, theft and other crimes.
    020 7935 3522
    0797 325 9382

    Thomas Boyd Whyte
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in Bexleyheath attending all police stations in the area with vast experience of all charges including murder, rape, drugs-related, conspiracy, smuggling and computer and downloading offences.
    DA6 8AB
    020 8298 6880

    Peter Bonner & Co
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in South East London attending all police stations and courts in the area. Established in Lewisham for more than 25 years they have experience in all police arrests and interviews.
    South East London
    SE13 5PT
    020 8297 1727

    Tuckers Solicitors
    24 hour lawyers. Arrest defence solicitors in SE5. Provide legal services in all general & special crime cases, computer crime, serious fraud, business crime, road traffic defence, criminal advocacy, confiscation & restraint law.
    SE5 8QU
    020 7703 2324

    Edwards Duthie Shamash Solicitors
    24/7 police station solicitors in Waterloo specialising in serious cases including offences of murder, armed robbery, sexual offences, terrorism, theft, tax evasion, money laundering and fraud.
    SE1 7AA
    020 8514 9000
    020 8471 8115 - 24/7

    Amphlett Lissimore Solicitors
    Emergency police station advice in Crystal Palace & free of charge representation available 24/7. Legal advice and representation at court, assistance with the bail process, appointments at short notice.
    Crystal Palace
    SE19 3AF
    020 8185 7458

    Foxes Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in Beckenham attending all police stations and taking legal aid and privately funded cases. Experienced in defending all accusations of crime - from theft to rape and murder.
    BR3 4BJ
    020 8290 0011