Criminal Defence Solicitors

24/7 criminal defence solicitors and prosecution crime lawyers in N S E W Central London & Home Counties, specialist legal advice in cases of arrest, court, provision of free police station attendance, dealing with fraud, financial crime, theft, assault, drugs, sexual assault, rape & murder, knife crime, domestic assault, driving & motoring offences, burglary, kidnap, public order, road traffic, terrorism and other issues. Legal aid available.

    Pickwick SolicitorsFeatured
    Criminal defence solicitors covering all London police stations, the magistrates' court, the youth court and the crown court, also advise clients in relation to DWP investigations and all investigations under police caution.
    E8 1HE
    020 8502 9398
    07961 102 829

    Bindman & Partners
    Crime solicitors in Central London. Specialise in serious fraud & business crime, professionals in trouble, advice to journalists, public order work, murder and other serious offences & terrorism.
    Central London
    WC1X 8QB
    020 7833 4433

    EBR Attridge Solicitors
    Solicitors in Central London. A leading criminal and family law practice. They specialise in all kinds of criminal cases, including fraud enquiries initiated by the police, Serious Fraud Office and HM Revenue and Customs.
    Central London
    WC1A 2BP
    020 7842 8600

    Farani Taylor Solicitors LLP
    Criminal defence solicitors in London experienced in all aspects of crime attending all Met police stations and all courts in London.
    City of London
    EC4V 6AL
    020 7242 1666

    Gardiners Solicitors
    Crime solicitorsin West London. They represent clients from arrest and detention at the police station, through the magistrates' court, crown court and appeal court. They also have a 24 hour emergency police station line.
    West London
    W14 8ST
    020 7603 7245

    MPR Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in West London. They cover police stations, magistrates courts, crown court, High Court, Court of Appeal. Specialise in criminal law, on call 24 hours 365 days a year, covering all crime, interpreters available.
    West London
    TW3 1JS
    020 8607 4660
    020 3824 8080 - 24/7

    Duncan Lewis & Co
    They deal promptly & efficiently with all criminal offences. Their team is available on an emergency basis for people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Represent clients at Police Stations, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts, Appeal Courts.
    SW11 2PD
    020 7923 4020
    020 7275 2036

    ACA Law Ltd
    Crime solicitors in NW London. 24 hr emergency call out to police stations after arrest. Specialise in white collar crime, serious fraud, general crime, police station attendance, magistrates & crown court attendance.
    NW London
    NW5 2AG
    020 7485 6677

    Frazer Bradshaw Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in SE London. Dealing with all crime, they will attend 24 / 7 at both police station & court. Specialists in criminal defence law.
    SE London
    BR1 1PG
    020 8466 5588
    07910 355 201

    Imran Khan and Partners
    Criminal defence solicitors in central London providing 24/7 police station representation. Specialists in fraud, money laundering, vat & tax evasion and all serious crime including terrorism, murder and drug related offences.
    Central London
    WC1X OBL
    020 7404 3004
    07738 802 993

    Thos Boyd Whyte Solicitors
    Criminal Defence solicitors in SE London. They offer a personal service to clients from the outset of a case at the Police Station through to its conclusion. They have the resources and the expertise to offer the best service possible.
    SE London
    DA6 8AB
    020 8303 7755

    Bloomsbury Law Solicitors
    Duty solicitors at all Met Police stations attending 24/7 for all criminal defence arrests and interviews with experience in all crimes from the most minor through to murder, rape and terrorism charges.
    W1U 4DJ
    020 7998 7777

    Brian Harris & Co.
    Crime lawyers in West End. Their experience ranges from theft to complex international commercial fraud. They advise their clients on defending criminal proceedings as well as assisting clients on the reporting of crime to the appropriate authorities.
    West End
    W1U 2EZ
    020 7935 5541

    IBB Law
    Crime solicitors in London. Specialise in computer & internet crime, conspiracies, conspiracies to supply and import drugs, burglary, robbery, serious assault, murder, environmental & health & safety issues, serious fraud & money laundering.
    UB8 1AB
    0345 877 7029

    Lansbury Worthington
    Crime solicitors in West London. 24 hour attendance at police stations. Specialising in crime & criminal law & offer representation for anti-social behaviour orders, football banning orders & parenting orders.
    West London
    W6 0GY
    020 8563 9797
    07710 461 355

    Berkeley Square Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in central London. Criminal defence specialists undertaking every aspect of criminal law from commercial crime, sanctions busting and drugs importation to murder, assaults and general crime.
    W1J 7JY
    020 8411 0221

    O'Keeffe Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in NW London. Their solicitors specialise in war crimes, murder, International, terrorism, fraud, organised crime, robbery, rape & drugs. 24/7 arrest call out to police stations & their solicitors cover more than 10 languages.
    Chancery Lane
    WC1V 7QH
    020 3116 6840
    0800 917 9172

    Alexander Johnson
    Crime solicitors in East London. Specialising in fraud, money laundering, VAT offences, deception, possession and importation of drugs, financial services authority prosecutions, murder, manslaughter and all areas of criminal law.
    East London
    E2 0AH
    020 7739 1563

    Coninghams Solicitors
    Criminal defence lawyers in SW1 - SW London. They handle cases ranging from minor to major crimes.
    SW London
    SW1W 0BS
    020 7821 1960

    Old Bailey Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in Central London, with extensive case experience in handling serious fraud, drugs, money laundering, murder, terrorism, sexual offences and other more unusual allegations.
    Central London
    EC4M 7EF
    020 3170 7880
    07887 688 703

    David Phillips and Partners
    Criminal defence lawyers. Assist with Inland Revenue, Customs & Excise, VAT fraud, 'White collar' commercial & election fraud, money laundering, industrial espionage, drugs importation, assault, murder, offences against the person.
    HA3 7AL
    020 8861 3800

    Aletta Shaw Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in SE London. Providing legal advice in crime.
    SE London
    DA6 8DG
    020 8301 4884

    Dorcas Funmi & Co
    Crime solicitors in SE London. Their lawyers are on hand 24 hours to provide urgent, well-prepared, high quality work & advice. Case building based on their sound knowledge of the criminal justice system and their ability to assemble first-rate evidence.
    SE London
    DA8 1JQ
    01322 335 005

    SBG Solicitors
    Met Police station duty solicitors available 24/7 to attend throughout London for any criminal defence arrest or interview with legal aid available when appropriate.
    NW10 2RY
    020 8451 4518
    07957 430454

    Taylor Rose MW Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors with offices throughout London. They offer representation if you are arrested, are a member of the Armed Forces under criminal investigation. Also offer assistance and representation for DWP benefit agency investigations.
    SE1 1XF
    020 7404 4892

    Blackfords LLP
    Criminal defence solicitors in Central London. One of the few firms nationally, that is authorised by the Legal Services Commission to undertake serious fraud cases, high profile, serious or organised crime, money laundering and terrorism cases.
    Central London
    EC4Y 7AS
    020 8686 6232

    Shaw Graham Kersh
    Criminal defence solicitors in London covering all Met Police stations 24/7 as duty solicitors and providing advice and support for all criminal arrests and interviews.
    W1F 7JF
    020 7734 9700
    07074 959594

    Wilson & Co Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in North London. They have a team of accredited police station representatives available 24 hours a day. They represent clients in court at all levels of the criminal justice system.
    North London
    N17 8AD
    020 8808 7535

    Brett Wilson LLP
    Central London criminal defence solicitors providing expert intervention in a police investigation or criminal prosecution.
    EC1M 4BJ
    020 3813 7515

    Makwana Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in North West London. They have solicitors experienced in murder, sexual offences, terrorism & theft. They work from the outset of the case at the police station right through to its conclusion.
    HA7 1JS
    020 8732 5458
    07659 129 206

    Saunders Law Ltd
    Duty solicitors at all Met Police stations available 24/7 for all criminal defence arrests and interviews, especially fraud & serious crime also specialising in police misconduct.
    City of London
    EC4Y 0HA
    020 7315 4803

    Leslie & Co
    Crime solicitors in West London specialising in crime & criminal defence work. 24/7 police station attendance.
    West London
    TW3 1NW
    020 8577 5491

    FMW Law (formerly Farrell Matthews and Weir)
    Crime solicitors in West London. Offer immediate personalised legal assistance & emergency police station service 24 / 7. They represent clients in all aspects of criminal litigation both in Magistrates and higher courts.
    W6 7AB
    020 3012 1482
    07595 117 421

    Freemans Criminal Defence Solicitors
    London criminal defence solicitors, police station attendance 24/7, specialists in fraud, money laundering and serious white collar crimes and murder, rape & sexual offences, terrorism, drugs & related crimes, burglary, theft and other crimes.
    Upper Woburn Place
    WC1H 0HW
    020 7935 3522
    0797 325 9382

    Henry Milner & Company
    24/7 criminal defence lawyers in London acting as duty solicitors at all Met Police stations for all criminal arrests or police station interviews.
    EC4A 1BR
    020 7831 9944

    Sternberg Reed Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in East London. Solicitors specialising in arrest defence, crime & criminal defence & available 24/7 for all police station interviews. .
    East London
    IG11 8DN
    020 8591 3366

    McCormacks Law
    Criminal law defence solicitors covering all London areas. Specialising in criminal law work, serious and complex casework and specialist fraud. They also operate a 24 hour arrest defence service visiting all London police stations.
    020 7791 2000

    Hylton - Potts Legal Consultants Ltd
    Crime solicitors in SW London. They advise on motoring charges, criminal offences, directors’ disqualification, fraud including Tax and VAT fraud and benefit fraud, violence, sexual assault charges, drugs charges, burglary and bail applications.
    SW London
    SW6 6JT
    020 7381 8111

    Galbraith Branley Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in North London. Offering 24 hour police station advice, members of specialist fraud panel, experts in defending fraud & experienced in defending serious crimes.
    North London
    N12 9QD
    020 8446 8474

    Brady, Eastwood, Pierce & Stewart
    Specialist criminal defence solicitors in SE London dealing with all criminal arrests and all police stations within SE London.
    SE8 3NT
    020 8692 8181

    McLarty and Co
    24/7 police station duty solicitors in London with a specialist criminal defence department. Languages spoken include Urdu, Hindi, Greek, French Patois, Romanian, Lithuanian and Russian.
    E17 4QP
    0845 450 6375
    07866 553 999

    Owen White & Catlin Solicitors
    Arrest defence solicitors in West London. 24/7 police station attendance. Other legal services include criminal defence, employment, family, immigration, personal injury, residential conveyancing, wills, trusts and probate.
    West London
    W4 2DR
    020 8987 1400

    Hempsons Solicitors
    Internet pornography crime specialist solicitors in Central London. They also handle fraud, false accounting and theft, manslaughter, gross negligence, manslaughter, murder, health and safety offences & sexual offences including rape.
    Central London
    WC2N 6NJ
    020 7839 0278

    ABV Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors in West London. Available 24 hours, 365 days a year for police station attendance. They deal with all crime investigations including tax, VAT & serious fraud, terrorism & from robbery to murder.
    West London
    UB3 1AN
    0844 587 9996
    0701 700 8999

    Powell Spencer & Partners
    Experienced NW London based criminal defence solicitors available 24 hours a day. All their solicitors have experience in dealing with a wide range of offences and are able to represent you in the police station, magistrates court or in the crown court.
    Nirth West London
    NW6 2DD
    020 7604 5600

    Vyman Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in London. Offer police station representation 24 / 7. Specialise in burglary, robbery, serious assault, manslaughter, murder, deception, theft, fraud, money laundering, drugs-possesion, supply & importation.
    HA1 1BQ
    020 8427 9080

    Hodge Jones & Allen LLP
    Crime solicitors in NW1. Specialise in private criminal work, mortgage fraud, serious and organised crime, drug trafficking, murder, GBH offences and general crime.
    NW1 2NB
    0800 437 0322

    Boothroyds Solicitors
    24/7 legal aid police station criminal defence solicitors in London acting as duty solicitors at all Met Police stations for all criminal arrests and interviews giving each client the personal attention they require.
    SE6 4HJ
    020 8690 4848
    07966 657 506

    Sweetman Burke & Sinker
    Crime solicitors in West London. They provide representation at the Police station. Specialise in traffic matters, health and safety prosecutions, fraud cases, sexual offences assault and murder.
    West London
    W13 0TL
    020 8840 2572

    Corker Binning
    Central London based solicitors specialising in commercial and international crime involving fraud, money laundering, customs duty and tax evasion, cartel investigations and insider dealing.
    Central London
    WC2R 3JJ
    020 7353 6000

    Hickman & Rose Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in central London specialising in interview situations, crown courts, serious & complex fraud, court of appeal, European court, confiscation & asset protection and all other issues relating to criminal defence.
    EC1M 4DS
    020 7702 5331

    Blaser Mills
    Crime solicitors in NW London. They offer a wide range of criminal defence services including road traffic summons, threat of investigation by the DTI, arrests & serious crimes.
    NW London
    HA1 1JF
    020 8427 6262

    Bark & Co
    Criminal defence solicitors in London. Specialising in serious fraud & business crime, commercial and criminal fraud, business and tax regulation, tax investigations, white - collar crime and serious crime for individuals, and companies.
    EC4V 6AG
    0845 466 46 31