Solicitors Lambeth

Solicitors in the London Borough of Lambeth, lawyers offering legal services & advice for individuals and businesses across all areas of law, firms in Lambeth, Waterloo, Streatham, Brixton, Clapham, Kennington, Vauxhall, Norwood, Herne Hill and all surrounding areas.

    Freemans Immigration SolicitorsFeatured
    Specialist Immigration & Nationality law solicitors for individuals and companies. Dealing with work permits, student / study visas, marriage / unmarried partner's concessions as well as asylum cases.
    020 7935 3522

    Freemans Criminal Defence SolicitorsFeatured
    Criminal defence solicitors serving Lambeth. Police station attendance 24/7. Specialising in fraud, money laundering and serious white collar crimes and murder, rape & sexual offences, terrorism, drugs & related crimes, burglary, theft and other crimes.
    020 7935 3522
    0797 325 9382

    Hansen Palomares Solicitors
    Civil litigation & dispute resolution solicitors in Lambeth also specialising in professional negligence, personal injury claims, housing law, welfare benefits & community care - fluent in English, Spanish & Portugese.
    SE11 6SF
    020 7640 4600

    Prior Law
    Employment & corporate law solicitors - company acquisitions & disposals, reorganisations, funding, listings, management buy-outs & ins, IP & IT, shareholders’ & partners agreements, disputes, contracts, administration, patent & trademark law.
    Canterbury Grove
    SE27 0NX
    020 8761 2302

    Wesley Gryk Solicitors LLP
    Lambeth practice specialising in British immigration & nationality law. Human rights, civil liberties, foreign lesbians, gay men, students, employment visas, points-based system, family reunion, political asylum, unaccompanied minors.
    Lower Marsh
    SE1 7AE
    020 7401 6887

    Bennett Welch Solicitors
    Employment law & compromise agreements solicitors in Upper Norwood also specialising in residential & commercial property conveyancing, divorce & family law, dispute resolution & litigation, wills & probate.
    Upper Norwood
    SE19 1TY
    020 8670 6141

    ClapHam Law Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors in Clapham also specialising in divorce & family law, employment law, immigration law, civil litigation, corporate law, landlord & tenant, conveyancing, privy council agent & advocate.
    SW4 7SH
    020 7207 1916

    Benjamin Wise Notary Public London
    A notary public based in Clapham, who deals with companies and individuals for all notarial acts.
    SW4 7TG
    020 7622 7257

    Hattin Solicitors
    Civil litigation solicitors in Streatham also specialising in immigration law, divorce, separation & family law, employment law and landlord & tenant.
    SW16 6HG
    020 8664 6600

    Burgess Mee Solicitors
    Specialist divorce, children & family law solicitors in Clapham with vast experience in all aspects of divorce and separation, mediation, living together, disputes over money, parenting issues and prenuptial agreements.
    SW4 0AS
    020 3824 9950

    RBS Solicitors
    Corporate & commercial solicitors in Vauxhall also specialising in divorce & family law, employment, immigration, arbitration, diplomatic law, real estate, landlord & tenant, wills and probate, power of attorney.
    SW8 1RH
    020 7582 5108

    Old Bailey Solicitors
    Crime solicitors with extensive case experience in handling serious fraud, drugs, money laundering, murder, terrorism, sexual offences and other more unusual allegations.
    020 3170 7880
    07887 688 703

    Farley & Associates
    Immigration & nationality solicitors in Lambeth specialising in all visa applications and appeals.
    SE1 7NQ
    020 7981 9778

    McKenzie Beute and Pope Solicitors
    Immigration & asylum law solicitors in Streatham providing the full range of immigration services.
    SW2 4P
    020 8671 7989

    Hornby and Levy Solicitors
    Specialist family law solicitors in Brixton dealing with divorce, mediation, children's law, abduction, contact disputes, domestic violence, cohabitation disputes, care proceedings & social services and all other family law issues.
    SW9 7DG
    020 7737 0909

    Victory Solicitors
    Divorce & family law solicitors in Streatham also specialising in immigration law, civil litigation, housing law, alternative dispute resolution, wills & probate, debt and money advice. Legal aid in family and children law, housing and debt.
    SW16 3PX
    020 8764 6901
    07533 634 585

    Mohabirs Solicitors
    24/7 crime solicitors in Clapham attending all police stations and all arrests from motoring offences to murder, rape, fraud and all other arrests also specialising in divorce & family law, residential & commercial conveyancing, wills & probate.
    SW4 7EE
    020 7720 5742

    Goodsells Solicitors
    Divorce, family & childrens law solicitors in Lambeth specialising in judicial separation, civil partnerships, cohabitation, pre-nuptial agreements, finance law, domestic violence children, maintenance and inheritance claims.
    SW4 0LB
    020 7993 5444

    Armstrong Solicitors
    24/7 police station solicitors in Brixton attending all courts providing criminal defence to all arrests from murder to drink driving, from rape to speeding.
    SW2 1BZ
    020 3189 0178

    A. L. Hughes & Co.
    Specialising in property law work. Including commercial property, domestic property, development property, wills, probate and estate planning, partnerships and shareholder agreements, planning advice
    SW16 6HH
    020 8769 7100

    Abbotstone Law LLP
    Mental health and mental capacity law solicitors in Lambeth - over 30 years of experience in client representation and experience understanding the challenges and opportunities of operating within the legal aid framework.
    SE21 8EN
    020 3735 1999

    Children and Families Law Firm
    Children's law solicitors in Lambeth specialising in child matters. Clients include children and young people, parents, carers, other family members. Applications for care, supervision orders, children in care, removal of child from UK.
    SW9 6DE
    020 7582 6002

    Residential & commercial property solicitors in Clapham also specialising on wills, probate, landlord & tenant, employment, divorce, matrimonial & family law & notary public.
    SW4 7TH
    020 7622 7257

    Van Eaton Solicitors
    Civil litigation solicitors in SW London also specialising in commercial property disputes, landlord & tenant, construction law, divorce & family, employment law and probate issues.
    Streatham Hill
    SW16 2NJ
    0808 141 5700

    Eagle Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in Kennington also specialising in divorce & family law, landlord & tenant, housing law, probate - wills, trusts, administration, conveyancing, debt relief & recovery, general litigation, employment law.
    SE11 4EZ
    020 7840 0671

    Knight-Webb Solicitors
    Employment law solicitors in Herne Hill specialising in unfair / constructive dismissal, prejudice at work, compromise / settlement agreements, redundancy law, employments contracts, all other employment law issues.
    Herne Hill
    SE24 9LQ
    020 7207 6195

    MFI Law Limited
    24/7 criminal defence & motoring law solicitors in Streatham attending all police stations for arrests or interviews and attending all courts - also specialising in divorce, separation, children & family law.
    SW16 2BF
    020 8679 5100
    07939 696 969

    Tosswill & Co
    Crime defence solicitors in Brixton. Specialising in criminal law, they are available 24/7 for police station attendance. They handle all crime - from motoring offences to drugs, serious fraud, murder & rape.
    Brixton Hill
    SW2 1HP
    020 8674 9494

    Chris & Co Solicitors
    24/7 immigration, human rights & asylum solicitors in Brixton also specialising in criminal defence attending all police stations and all courts for all criminal arrests - sometimes their work combines immigration and criminal defence.
    SW2 1BZ
    020 7738 3898
    07739 985 447

    Chase Legal Services
    Specialist immigration law solicitors in Clapham that focus exclusively on immigration matters, offering assistance with work permit and family visa application processes – both from within and outside the United Kingdom.
    SW8 3JH
    020 7622 9914

    Hockfield & Co. Solicitors
    Solicitor negligence solicitors in Kennington also specialising in housing law, leasehold enfranchisement, residential & commercial property conveyancing, personal injury claims, wills & probate.
    SE11 4PQ
    020 3432 1114

    McCormacks Law
    Criminal law defence solicitors covering Lambeth borough police stations. Specialising in criminal and family law work, serious and complex casework and specialist fraud. They also operate a 24 hour arrest defence service.
    020 7791 2000

    Callistes Solicitors
    24/7 police station solicitors in Brixton providing criminal defence to all arrests also specialising in employment law, divorce & family law, immigration law, civil litigation, public law, housing law, debt, welfare law, wills & probate.
    SW2 5UT
    020 7501 8388
    07940 254 076

    Alaga & Co
    Family and children solicitors in Lambeth also specialising in immigration, civil litigation, debts, landlord and tenants.
    Northborough Road
    SW16 4TR.
    020 8764 7073

    Forward & Yussuf Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in Streatham also specialising in divorce & family law, residential & commercial property conveyancing, housing law.
    SW16 6NN
    020 8769 1555

    Montas Solicitors.
    Divorce & family law solicitors in Tulse Hill also specialising in domestic violence, motoring law, immigration, asylum & human rights, civil litigation, housing, debt & insolvency, wills, probate & tax, welfare benefits.
    Tulse Hill
    SE27 9BQ
    020 7183 2185

    Virgo Consultancy Services Ltd
    Niche firm of solicitors in Kennington specialising in a range of areas of law including asylum, crime, family, human rights, immigration, probate and wills with extensive experience of the full spectrum of work in these areas.
    SW9 9SJ
    020 7737 1176

    LLM Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors attending all police stations 7 courts for any arrest or police interview - murder, manslaughter, sexual offences, fraud & money laundering, drugs supply & trafficking, all general crime.
    SW9 7AW
    020 7036 8580

    Chancery CS Solicitors
    Immigration & nationality solicitors in Clapham also specialising in criminal defence, divorce & family law, conveyancing, employment law, civil law, divorce & family law.
    Clapham Common
    SW9 9RX
    020 7737 6379

    Waran & Co Solicitors
    Divorce, family & childrens law solicitors in Lambeth also offering the following services: conveyancing, housing, wills and probate, personal injury, immigration and employment law.
    Clapham Common
    SW4 7AA
    020 7498 3328

    Sabelnikov & Partners
    Specialist Russian empolyment law solicitors in Lambeth expert in both Russian and English employment law also specialising in Russian immigration law for both UK and Russia.
    SE11 6EE
    020 3588 0586

    Edwards Duthie Shamash Solicitors
    Criminal defence & police station solicitors in Lambeth also specialising in children's law, conveyancing, divorce & family law, employment law, nedia law, electoral & housing law & all general legal issues.
    SE1 7AA
    020 7803 3999

    Creighton & Partners
    Divorce, family & childrens law solicitors in Lambeth. A specialist family law firm providing expert advice and assistance on all aspects of family and matrimonial law, public and private and community care.
    SE11 4PQ
    020 7582 6002

    PE Wilson & Co Solicitors
    Specialist housing law solicitors in Norwood also specialising in divorce & family law. Other areas of law include employment law, wills & probate and general business issues.
    SE27 9NH
    020 8761 3555

    Ferns Solicitors
    Personal injury claims solicitors in Clapham also specialising in residential conveyancing law.
    SW4 7UJ
    020 7498 9537