Extradition Law Solicitors Central London

Extradition law solicitors and lawyers covering the boroughs of Camden, City of London, Kensington & Chelsea, Lambeth, Southwark, Tower Hamlets & Westminster providing specialist advice by experts in this complex area of law.

    Slater & Gordon Lawyers (UK)
    Based on Chancery Lane, they have significant experience in dealing with extradition investigations. They will advise on the best course of action & additional assistance can be sought from their excellent network of contacts worldwide where appropriate.
    Chancery Lane
    WC2A 1HL
    020 7657 1555

    Henri Brandman & Co
    Solicitor in Westminster specialising in extradition cases. He offers clients the advice required to protect their interests when fighting an extradition request.
    W1G 8AY
    020 7224 0616

    ABV Solicitors
    Blackfriars based extradition law solicitors. They have represented those facing extradition proceedings before the Magistrates Court and members of their team have pursued Appeals arising from the decision of the District Judge.
    EC4V 6AL
    0844 587 9996

    Doughty Street Chambers
    Extradition law specialists based on Doughty Street. The Extradition Team has an unrivalled reputation for appearing in extradition cases involving issues of fundamental human rights. Also appear on behalf of governments & judicial authorities.
    Doughty Street
    WC1N 2LS
    020 7404 1313

    Kingsley Napley LLP
    They are internationally recognised for the quality of their extradition work. Early representation is becoming increasingly crucial & they regularly advise clients prior to the issue of an arrest warrant. Based in Clerkenwell.
    EC1M 4AJ
    020 7814 1200

    Lexlaw Solicitors
    Extradition solicitors in the City of London - requests are wide-ranging, both in terms of the requesting state (such as Russia, USA and the UAE) and in terms of the offences alleged by these states.
    City of London
    EC4Y 9AA
    020 7183 0529

    Hickman & Rose
    Extradition law solicitors specialists in Clerkenwell. They have a wealth of experience in extradition cases & excellent links with lawyers & non governmental organisations throughout world who can provide expert assistance on foreign law issues.
    Clerkenwell Green
    EC1M 4DS
    020 7702 5331

    EBR Attridge Solicitors
    Bloomsbury based extradition solicitors. One of the partners in recent years has handled one of the country's largest extradition cases which involved an allegation of a $5 billion dollar fraud as well as a very high profile contract killing case.
    WC1A 2BP
    020 7842 8600

    Hallinan Blackburn Gittings & Nott
    Westminster based extradition law solicitors are involved in and have the conduct of many matters throughout the judicial system resulting in the establishment of crucial points of law.
    SW1E 6DY
    020 7828 8253
    07831 406242

    Simmons & Simmons
    They have successfully defended clients in ground-breaking extradition matters in relation to US bank & tax fraud charges. Also they have acted for a South American bank president in financial crime extradition proceedings. Based in the City.
    City of London
    EC2Y 9SS
    020 7628 2020

    Peters & Peters
    Based in Chancery Lane, they have particular expertise in advising in cases which may have a political dimension, dealing with cases involving diplomatic immunity, government corruption & economically or politically motivated prosecutions.
    Chancery Lane
    EC4A 1BW
    020 7822 7777

    Irwin Mitchell Solicitors
    City based extradition law solicitors. They offer exceptional experience, knowledge and skills to deal with the whole range of national and international criminal investigations and prosecutions, and in particular extradition.
    EC1N 2PZ
    0870 1500 100

    BCL Solicitors
    Extradition solicitors in Lincoln's Inn Fields, central London that specialises in representing high-profile individuals (including members of government, company directors and entrepreneurs) in extradition cases.
    Lincoln's Inn Fields
    WC2A 3LZ
    020 7430 2277

    IMD Solicitors LLP
    Extradition solicitors in the City of London with years of experience in dealing with extradition cases, you can be assured that our Extradition Solicitors will offer a determined and passionate service to ensure we achieve the best result in your case.
    City of London
    EC3A 8AA
    0330 107 0107

    McCormacks Law
    Internationally recognised extradition law solicitors covering the boroughs of Camden, City of London, Kensington & Chelsea, Lambeth, Southwark, Tower Hamlets & Westminster.
    E1 4UN
    020 7791 2000

    Freemans Extradition Law Solicitors
    Extradition Law solicitors serving Westminter and all of Central London. Attendance 24/7. Specialising in all issues relating to extradition law.
    Upper Woburn Place
    WC1H 0HW
    020 7935 3522
    0797 325 9382

    Edmans & Co
    Extradition solicitors in Holborn, central London with international lawyers with experience in dealing with extradition proceedings in the UK and successful handling of Interpol Red Notices, resulting in their ultimate withdrawal.
    High Holborn
    WC1V 6BX
    020 7439 3000

    Whitelock & Storr Solicitors
    Extradition law solicitors in Bloomsbury Square. Dante Leccacorvi is head of the team comprised of qualified solicitors, paralegals & trainees. Dante is a duty solicitor & has a particular interest in extradition cases.
    Bloomsbury Square
    WC1A 2RL
    020 7405 3913

    Mary Monson Solicitors
    Specialist extradition solicitors in central London who can bring calm to the situation by knowing the best steps to take. In some cases, where the extradition is political, this is especially important.
    EC4A 2AH
    020 3131 5778

    Rahman Ravelli Solicitors
    24/7 xtradition solicitors in the City of London. Extradition is a major issue for anyone facing prosecution abroad. Managing extradition and any INTERPOL Red Notice requires legal expertise and an ability to negotiate.
    City of London
    EC4V 4EG
    020 3947 1539

    Oracle Solicitors
    Extradition solicitors in Camden with a team of specialist extradition lawyers that can assist you right from the point of arrest up to appeals in the Supreme Court.
    WC2B 6NH
    020 3051 5060

    Janes Solicitors
    Pall Mall based extradition law solicitors. Apart from representation in domestic courts they also have experience of challenging extradition decisions in The European Court Of Human Rights.
    Pall Mall
    SW1Y 4AR
    020 7930 5100

    Rustem Guardian Solicitors
    Extradition solicitors in Holborn, City of London that understand that extradition proceedings are complex and attract the most multifaceted of issues. Their expert team will represent you at any stage.
    WC2A 1AP
    020 3929 9119

    BCL Solicitors
    BCL’s recognised expertise puts them at the forefront of UK lawyers best able to advise those involved in international criminal investigations and related areas. Their office is based in Lincoln's Inn Fields.
    Lincoln's Inn Fields
    WC2A 3LZ
    020 7430 2277

    The Khan Partnership LLP
    Extradition law solicitors, based in Russell Square, who have dealt with several extradition cases. They represent individuals before specialist district judges, either in person or through Counsel.
    Russell Square
    WC1B 4JP
    020 7612 2530

    Lawrence & Co Solicitors
    24/7 extradition law solicitors in Maida Vale, Paddington. They are a leading firm responsible for changes the 2003 Extradition Act and in setting guideline cases in so many aspects of the act.
    Maida Vale
    W9 2HU
    020 7266 4333
    07961 460 770

    Hodge Jones & Allen LLP
    Specialist extradition solicitors in Euston, who understand that every case is different. They can help to support & guide you through the technicalities & pressures of the extradition process, ensuring that your interests are protected.
    NW1 2NB
    0800 437 0322

    Bindmans LLP
    Solictiors in Gray's Inn with extradition law experience. They are one of only a few firms that regularly act in this complex field. They recently defended in the first case under the Extradition Act 2003 to be heard in the House of Lords.
    Gray's Inn
    WC1X 8QB
    020 7833 4433

    Edwardes Duthie Shamash Solicitors
    Waterloo based extradition law solicitors. Their reputation in this area is built on working hard for clients and ensuring that no stone is left unturned in challenging a prosecution case and building a solid defence.
    SE1 7AA
    020 7803 3999

    Brian Harris & Co.
    Westminster based extradition solicitors. They advise clients on their rights when faced with extradition proceedings both to & from the UK & any international investigations. They are acutely aware of the sensitive nature of the extradition process.
    W1U 2EZ
    020 7935 5541

    Reynolds Dawson
    Extradition law solicitors based in Charing Cross. They have solicitors and a senior partner who have extensive experience in dealing with extradition cases.
    Charing Cross
    WC2N 6HW
    020 7839 2373
    07623 985871

    Richard Slade and Company
    Extradition solicitors based in Gray's Inn Square. Richard Slade, the partner, has advised in the field of extradition law on several occasions.
    Gray's Inn Square
    WC1R 5JA
    020 7160 0900

    Bullivant Law
    24/7 extradition solicitorsin central London that specialises in fighting requests for extradition, and keeping clients updated on their case so they understand what is happening and be able to make informed decisions on how their case progresses.
    City of London
    EC4V 2BJ
    020 7556 1035
    020 7556 1034

    Shaw Graham Kersh
    Piccadilly extradition law solicitors. All extradition proceedings originate from their local Court, City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court. They have longstanding and extensive experience in this field.
    W1F 7JF
    020 7734 9700

    Shearman Bowen
    Holborn extradition solicitors. Many of the cases they have dealt with have been widely reported in the media. They are available 24 hours a day for representation for those who have been arrested at a police station.
    EC1N 2JT
    020 7025 4450

    Carson Kaye
    Extradition solicitors in the City of London.
    Fleet Street
    EC4A 2DQ
    020 3735 7358
    07585 979 992

    Gillen De Alwis Solicitors
    Extradition solicitors in central London whose dedicated team are on standby at all times to ensure a fast and targeted response to intercept extradition and international investigations and proceedings.
    Berkeley Square
    W1J 6HE
    020 3457 6400

    JMW Solicitors
    Extradition solicitors in the City of London experienced in successfully defending extradition requests, and with considerable knowledge on EU and non-EU extradition proceedings.
    City of London
    EC2V 8BB
    020 3675 7600

    Dalton Holmes Gray
    Extradition law solicitors in Piccadilly with extensive knowledge and experience contesting requests for extradition from both EU and non - EU countries including the USA, Kenya, Russia, Turkey and Albania providing specialist advice.
    W1F 8DF
    020 7025 7878
    07973 214337

    Blake Morgan
    Clerkenwell based extradition solicitors. Dealing with extradition cases all the way from the Magistrates’ Court to the High Court and the House of Lords.
    EC4A 3DJ
    020 7814 6925

    Frisby & Co Solicitors
    City based solicitors offering advice and assistance with all extradition matters. They pride themselves on having a good relationship with their clients and are happy to be contacted out of office hours.
    EC4Y 0DR
    020 7936 6399

    Henry Milner & Company
    Chancery Lane based extradition solicitors. Over the years they have built up a formidable network of connections with specialist criminal barristers' chambers, and invariably instruct criminal counsel at the top of their profession.
    Chancery Lane
    EC1N 8AT
    020 7831 9944

    Olliers Solicitors
    Specialist extradition solicitors in Westminster with vast experience in all types of extradition cases both to and from EU and non EU countries.
    W1H 5PW
    020 3883 6790

    Lewis Nedas Law
    Lewis Nedas & Co is a practice established for over twenty-five years with a specialist department in the fields of extradition and mutual legal assistance.
    Camden High Street
    NW1 0JH
    020 3553 7987

    Tuckers Solicitors
    Based in Euston, they offer clients the advice required to protect their interests when fighting an extradition request & they recognize that such requests may have fundamental consequences for those on the receiving end.
    W1T 6AF
    020 7388 8333

    Corker Binning
    The firm, based on the Strand, has a long history of successful involvement in high profile extradition cases, including acting for prominent economic and political figures from Russia and the Far East.
    WC2R 3JJ
    020 7353 6000