DNA & Paternity Tests

DNA & paternity tests in the London area, specialist clinics and doctors, prenatal, DNA ancestry, genetic predisposition & court admissible tests for CSA or Home Office, family relationships, probate, health matters and immigration.

    Accredited confidential UK DNA paternity testing service in Oxfordshire, twin, maternal, grandparent, sibling testing, mitochrondial and Y chromosone tests, personal DNA profiling, tests for wills and probate, court directed testing for immigration.
    Abingdon, Oxon
    OX14 1DY
    0800 036 2522

    Premium DNA, drug and alcohol testing services, a vast network of local London and South East DNA and drug testing clinics, pharmacies, registered nurses providing peace of mind DNA tests and legally defensible DNA, drug and acohol test services.
    London - South East
    0800 032 5945

    Trusted Labs
    Trusted Labs provide fast proven DNA paternity testing, the most advanced and accurate method available for resolving parentage for medical, legal, immigration or personal reasons, results in two workings days.
    0800 8100 513
    0330 4004 513

    Phoenix DNA Testing
    Walk in DNA testing clinic in Dagenham East London for paternity & complex family relationships.
    RM9 5AZ
    0800 032 5945

    London Ultrasound Centre
    Pre natal paternity tests in Harley Street Central London from 12 to 14 weeks and 16 weeks onwards, 99.99% accurate using DNA samples and no GP referral required, short notice appointments. Other genetic tests available.
    Harley Street
    W1G 7JQ
    020 7908 3878

    International Biosciences
    Confidential DNA testing, prenatal & paternity tests in Harley Street for patients in London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Essex, Herts, Bucks, Berks. DNA ancestry, genetic predisposition, court admissible tests for CSA, Home Offic, immigration.
    Harley Street
    01273 227544

    DDC DNA Diagnostics Centre
    DDC in West London offers professional, efficient and reliable DNA diagnostics and testing services, ranging from an individual determining the paternity of their child to an immigration client needing to present proof of biological relationship.
    W6 0LH
    0845 408 2084

    LGC Group
    LGC in West London operates a leading relationship and paternity testing laboratory, accredited by the Ministry of Justice, they can also prove relationships such as identical twins, mother, brother, sister and grandparents for immigration matters.
    Teddington, Middx
    TW11 0LY
    020 8943 7000

    Court Directed Paternity Tests
    Accredited list for court-directed paternity testing.
    SW1H 9AJ
    020 3334 3555

    Leading provider of same day DNA paternity testing in London for public & private sectors, social services, civil courts, Home Office, law firms, private individuals needing to prove a family relationship for immigration, family court, personal reasons.
    0800 170 1200