Etiquette & Manners

London, Home Counties and online courses in social skills, business etiquette, good manners, finishing school, day & weekly workshops, residential courses, online tuition for young people, ladies, gentlemen, companies, business managers, MPs, diplomats, travellers, families, schools & universities, social events.

    Etiquette and Manners
    The Business Etiquette and Manners Training School offers one of the most interesting and affordable Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses available. Etiquette courses are downloadable & will provide between 4 and 6 hours of CPD.
    0191 285 0709

    Oxford Royale Academy
    British company with a passion for international education. ORA normally offers overseas visitors a 2 week summer course providing a comprehensive understanding of the main rules of UK behaviour in both business and social settings.
    OX1 3UJ
    0845 130 60 21

    Minding Manners
    Leading internationally certified etiquette and protocol consultancy. Corporate & etiquette training, social & business etiquette for individuals, youth etiquette, cross cultural & international protocol, art de vivre, lifestyle courses.
    Buckingham Palace Road
    SW1W 0RH
    020 7584 9805

    Ivor Spencer International School
    The Ivor Spencer International School for butler administrators, personal assistants and agency has been established since 1981. Several of their trained butlers are now members of the Royal Household.
    SE21 8SE
    020 8670 5585

    Impact Factory
    Based in Islington, they offer confidence building relevant business courses including the all important business meeting etiquette & skills class. In addition, helpful tips on business email etiquette & protocol.
    N1 0QH
    020 7226 1877

    The Japan Foundation
    The Japan Foundation in London run courses specialising in Japanese business etiquette & etiquette in Japanese society. Japanís principal organisation for promoting international cultural exchange.
    Russell Square
    WC1B 5EH
    020 7436 6695

    High Society Secrets
    Beaton's finishing school classes. Hour, day, weekend, week & 10 week workshops in London & New York, other UK locations, online or country house classes. Classes include the etiquette of dining, conversation, grooming, attire & more.
    Wimpole Street
    W1G 8AJ
    020 7487 4453

    Informative and helpful e-book and etiquette guide to social graces, good manners, social etiquette, table manners, business form, conversational skills, building confidence.

    International etiquette guides. Understand other people's languages, cultures, etiquettes & taboos, of great value to travellers or visiting business person. Covers Asia, Africa, Europe, North & South America, East Asia & Australia.
    01460 279900

    The London School of Etiquette
    A variety of etiquette courses in Central London as well as many tailor-made courses all year round. Clients include premier football clubs, corporate, VIPs, families, schools, foreign exchange students, visitors moving to the UK.
    W2 3JR
    020 7221 7250

    Public Image
    UK company with offices in London & Cheshire specialising in social & business etiquette training. Finishing School for young ladies & schools, business protocol for individuals, MPs, hotels, corporates, social skills for ladies & gents.
    London - Cheshire
    01829 752477

    The Perfect Gentleman
    Media, lifestyle & education for gentlemen, an online resource makingthe world a more respectful, stylish & gentlemanly place, through the written & spoken word, pictures, videos, seminars, events, courses, education by experienced gentlemen.

    Debrett's is the modern authority on all matters of etiquette, social occasions, people of distinction and fine style. Books include Guide for the Modern Gentleman, Debrett's Men's Style, Entertaining, Modern Manners, Etiquette for Girls, Correct Form.
    W1J 5DS
    020 7290 5950

    Personal and professional development training incorporating etiquette, social intelligence, self confidence. The Finishing Touches course includes personal impact, presentation, manners, dress, grooming, polish, graces & finesse.
    London - Herts - Beds - Bucks
    01442 255314