Floatation Therapy

Floatation Therapy in London. Salons and spas providing flotation tanks, floatation cabins and float pools. Also companies that manufacture floatation tanks, cabins & pools. Relief for insomnia, stress, aches, joint pain. depression, detox etc

    Ocena Floatrooms
    Their London floatation tank sales business has a large collection of floatation tanks for sale. If you are looking to buy a floatation tank they have a number of float tank installations that can be viewed
    020 8674 0600

    The floating experience. Stress relief beyond belief. Drift off into the deepest state of relaxation possible and emerge without a care in the World
    SE1 9HW
    020 7357 0111

    The London Float Centre
    Their floatrooms are large and airy with a normal door not a hatch making it easy for young, old, the able and the less able to get in and out
    SW4 7AA
    020 7720 4952

    They design and make the world's most beautiful float tanks, cabins, rooms and pools
    01953 851 515