Sleep Clinics

Sleep clinics, advice and products in North, South, East, West, Central London & Home Counties, diagnostic and treatment services for people with sleep disorders, advice for those struggling with sleep-related breathing problems, severe snoring, psychological disorders and other issues. Help and guidance for sleep apnoea patients and families, also a range of natural, calming and healthy sleep related products and pillow sprays.

    Sleep Centre London
    Medical conditions they have expertise in include snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS), narcolepsy, periodic leg movement disorder (PLMD) & restless leg syndrome and other major sleep disorders with EDS.
    HA1 3RX
    020 7099 8777

    Recharge and protect your aura while you sleep. Increase your energy & improve your health while you sleep. For sleep problems, lack of vitality, sleep disorders, infertility, lack of energy, insomnia, jet lag
    W13 8PJ
    020 8566 9881

    The Sleep Apnoea Trust
    Working to improve the lives of sleep apnoea patients, their partners and their families
    0845 6060685

    The London Sleep Centre
    A leader in the provision of diagnostic and treatment services for people with sleep disorders and related medical and psychological disorders.
    Harley Street
    W1G 6BF
    020 7725 0523

    The London Clinic
    The Clinic's sleep studies is run by consultant anaesthetists and physicians specialising in disrupted sleep, obstructive sleep apnoea, excessive daytime sleepiness, nocturnal epilepsy, hypertension and nocturnal angina.
    Devonshire Place
    W1G 6BW
    020 7935 4444

    Royal Brompton Sleep Clinic
    The consultant-led clinic provides treatment for all types of sleep disorders including snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, sleep studies and polysomnography.
    SW3 6NP
    020 7351 8830

    The Private Clinic
    A range of treatments for central sleep apnea (CSA), obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and mixed sleep apnea, snoring and blocked nose. Professor Kamami, one of their leading surgeons, was the doctor who invented the LAUP procedure.
    Harley Street
    W1G 7HZ
    0800 599 9911

    Naturally Nuturing
    They help parents and children sleep easy
    0845 465 0494

    The ENT Partnership
    Specialist snoring and sleep apnoea clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea conditions at Spire Clare Park Hospital in Crondall, near Farnham Surrey.
    Farnham, Surrey
    GU10 5XX
    01252 852552

    Andrea Grace Consultancy
    Andrea Grace offers personal & tailor made approaches to babiesí & childrenís sleep problems, addressing the specific reasons for each individualís sleeplessness. Family solutions that are gentle but highly effective & safe.
    Harley Street, London
    W1G 9GF
    020 7467 8441

    Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
    Clinics held at the sleep disorders centre include snoring and sleep apnoea, CPAP machine issue and home trial, CPAP machine annual service and follow-up. All clinics are by appointment only.
    SE1 9RT
    020 7188 7188

    'thisworks' superblend 24 hour skin solutions are made of naturally derived, scientifically proven ingredients at therapeutic levels working in synergy with the internal bodyclock, try 'deep sleep breathe in' & 'sleep plus+ pillow spray'.
    SW19 4EA
    020 8543 3544

    Sleep Apnea Guide
    Sleep Apnea Guide provide information to help yourself escape sleep apnea and get a good night's sleep.

    76 Harley Street
    Their services include sleep apnoea studies & treatment, energy deficit calculation & correction, sleep optimisation & compression, sleep hygeine assessment, jet lag & travel assessment & prevention therapies.
    Harley Street
    W1G 7HH
    020 7631 3276