Hypnotherapists in London, hypnotherapy practitioners and clinics providing treatment and therapy for an extensive range of issues - cognitive, clinical, NLP therapies, using hypnosis to overcome phobias, quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, manage anger, eating disorders, anxiety and to treat many other problems including aspergers syndrome, ASD, anxiety, tinnitus, emotional abuse, depression and more.

    David Samson London Hypnotherapist Featured
    Award winning Harley Street London Hypnotherapist helps with stress management, panic attacks, insomnia, low self belief/confidence/esteem, IBS using a direct, straight, caring & sympathetic approach. Featured on tv, radio, media.
    Harley Street
    W1G 9PF
    020 8201 0618

    The Hypnotherapy Centre
    Isabella Sommerville. Hypnotherapy, Hypno-Analysis.
    Fulham - Westminster
    SW6 1RU
    020 7610 1967

    Hypnotherapy In London
    Hypnotherapy London, Nick Othen is Londonís premier hypnotherapist providing hypnotherapy at locations across all London areas; in recent years Nick has helped hundreds of clients, many of whom travel from around the world to see him.
    020 8349 3946

    Professional Hypnotherapy London
    Stop smoking hypnosis hypnotherapy in Central London, weight loss hypnosis, eating disorders, presentations, bulimia, anorexia, stuttering, blushing, phobias and more...
    W1G 9QD
    0845 226 7123

    Katie Glen Hypnotherapy
    Consultant hypnotherapist, Katie Glen, Harley Street London, specialises in advanced structured hypnosis to help people stop smoking, reduce stress, lose weight, overcome fears and phobias, fix sexual problems and improve relationships.
    Harley Street, London
    WIG 9PF
    020 7467 8355

    Bourke Hypnotherapy
    Jacinta Bourke has Central & West London clinics & is a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She has developed a strong reputation amongst her peers for effective dynamic techniques in smoking addiction & weight control.
    Bayswater - Ealing - Northwood

    07787 124157

    Open Minds
    Experienced, professional, caring and confidential help with confidence, anger, anxiety, stress, smoking, and recovering from childhood abuse. Free initial consultation.
    North London
    NW3 7AX
    020 8444 9222

    Life Therapy Centre
    Hypnotherapy, life coaching and neurolinguistic programming therapies to help you achieve the life you want. They treat a wide range of issues from stop smoking to weight issues, stress, anxiety, phobias, allergies and many more.
    North London
    N6 5BL
    07964 627 621

    The London College of Hypnotherapy
    Hypnotherapy is an excellent qualification and skill for anyone who wishes to work as a Professional Therapist. The course offered incorporates the latest and most effective techniques into the program.
    Bayswater, London
    W2 4DJ
    020 8772 7702

    European College of Hypnotherapy
    Introducing new techniques into hypnotherapy
    Egham, Surrey
    TW20 0EH
    01784 479930

    UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
    The UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy on Harley Street C London is a recognized hypnotherapy training school providing hypnotherapy orientated courses including hypnotherapy training certificates, diplomas and courses in hypnosis.
    Harley Street
    W1G 9QD
    020 7112 9040

    Insight Clinical Hypnosis
    Clinical hypnotherapist, based in West London, helping to eliminate bad habits such as smoking or bad eating habits, or healing past traumas, and gaining the confidence to make positive changes in your life.
    West London
    020 7193 6523

    Hale Hypnotherapy
    Becky Hale LicAc, BSc (Hons), Dip Tui Na, MBAcC, DHP Hypnotherapist. If you are struggling with a particular issue that is holding you back in some way and it is affecting your quality of life, career, relationships or overall wellbeing.
    Leatherhead - Great Bookham
    07779 360032

    The Therapy Lounge
    Hypnotherapists across London who use a combination of advanced hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy
    020 7485 5745

    Stephen Harold Hypnotherapist
    Steven Harold is an East London based hypnotherapist who is both experienced and professional. He has been serving the capital for 15 years and has helped many people from all round the world to solve their particular issue.
    020 8539 9830

    The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy
    Modern hypnotherapy has become the most dramatically effective short-term therapy developed to date, which means that many problems and issues can be transformed dramatically using hypnotherapy
    Wallington, Surrey
    SM6 7DJ
    0800 849 7001

    The Life Healing Partnership
    Hypnotherapy and energy therapy. Consultations in Surrey and Central London
    0800 458 6686

    Solution Practice, The
    Clinical Hypnotherapy with a compassionate, professional therapist

    London Hypnotherapy
    Clinical hypnotherapy with London hypnotherapist.
    London Bridge
    020 7231 2432

    Suzanne Thomas
    Suzanne Thomas is a London hypnotherapist & counsellor who uses hypnosis, relaxation, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, imagery & visualisation within a counselling, psychotherapy framework.
    Sloane Avenue, South Kensington
    07770 378791

    Real Changes
    London and Surrey based clinical hypnotherapy and NLP therapy consultant helping people to stop smoking, help weight loss and phobias. A trained psychologist who works around the UK treating varied client groups.
    Worcester Park
    KT4 7AA
    020 8337 4028

    Linda Jenkins Hypnotherapy
    Linda Jenkins is a hypnotherapist & counsellor in Epsom Surrey helps clients across Surrey combat a wide variety of life-inhibiting problems including anxiety, stress, assertiveness, drug & alcohol problem, public speaking, exam stress, illness.
    Epsom, Surrey
    KT18 7HX
    07884 484109

    Dr Sobhag Shah, MBBS, CMH, CHyp, MPNLP
    Experienced medical doctor, hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP. Smoking cessation, eliminate phobias, reduce stress, conquer depression, succeed in exams, improve sports performance. And more. Home visits arranged
    UB8 2EP
    01895 233706

    Mid Surrey Hypnotherapy Clinic
    A long established clinic in quiet Surrey countryside yet within easy reach of the M25
    Bookham, Surrey
    KT23 3AU
    0800 612 2034

    Caroline Carr Hypnotherapy
    Caroline is a clinical hypnotherapist drawing on thirty years of experience in helping others to affect change in their lives. She also offers 'quit smoking' sessions. Hypnotherapy is safe and gentle and can be very effective.
    W1G 9PF
    020 7467 8517

    1st Success
    1st Success Hypnotherapy & Stress Management Services is based in Maidenhead Berkshire offering a wide range of mind & body therapies including Skype & phone time sessions, one to one sessions for panic attacks, weight loss, stress.
    Maidenhead, Berks
    SL6 5DA
    01628 780470
    07898 230000

    Julie de Burgh
    By accessing the unconscious mind in trance with guidance from a hypnotherapist, you can explore and make changes to specific areas of your life as well as enhancing creativity and intuition with a qualified hypnotherapist in West London.
    Acton - Chiswick - Brentford - Greendford - Hanwell
    020 8997 7966

    Zoe Clews & Associates
    Zoe Clews & Associates offers hypnosis for confidence to clients in London helping to rebuild confidence by accessing the subconscious and clearing old, negative patterns, thoughts / beliefs, replacing them with new, confidence-building ones.
    Harley Street
    W1G 9QD
    07766 515 272

    The Phobiaman Clinic
    The Phobiaman Clinic is a specialist phobia treatment clinic based in Harley Street. The clinic has built a reputation that is known globally as being at the forefront of the treatment of phobias, trauma and anxiety disorders.
    Harley Street
    W1G 9PA
    020 7193 5194

    Pinnacle Therapy
    Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & Counselling services in Central London and Twickenham
    0870 446 4375

    Peter Back
    Surrey Hypnotherapy for private treatment of phobias, anxiety, stress, insomnia, fear, confidence, nail biting, eating disorders, quitting smoking, and more..

    London Hypnotherapy Practice
    Specialising in Lesserian' Curative Hypnotherapy, uncovering and correcting causes stored in the subconscious, treatment is friendly, safe and enjoyable, and you remain in control at all times in relaxed rooms in the West End of London.
    Central London
    WC1B 4JP
    020 7907 4640

    Laura Boyle BSYA.CUR.hyp
    West & Central London hypnotherapist specialising in weight loss, smoking cessation, confidence building, relationships, client confidentiality assured. Hypnotic downloads available online. Spring & summer workshops in Victoria SW1 & Alicante Spain.
    W3 7RX
    020 8354 2485
    07717 858 484

    Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic
    Hypnosis for many issues such as weight loss, phobias, panic attacks, confidence and smoking with our qualified, registered hypnotherapists. Based in Harley Street central London.
    Harley Street
    W1G 9QD
    020 7127 4554

    The Helix Clinic
    Hypnotherapy for help to create the foundation for lasting success, whatever the issue: stop smoking, lose weight, be more confident and calm, resolve fears and anxieties, manage pain, or sleep better. Fully registered and insured, 2 mins from Victoria.
    SW1W 0BS
    07725 732810

    Cathy Simmons
    Practising in Hampstead and the City, Cathy Simmons uses cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP to help in stopping smoking, weight management, gaining confidence, losing stress, anxiety and phobias, pain control, OCD, PTSD, coaching and much more.
    Hampstead - City
    07792 312465

    Phoenix Practice
    London hypnotherapist Dr Rita Fichera practises clinical hypnotherapy, transpersonal hypnotherapy, regression therapy, past life regression.
    N15 3AB
    020 8800 0265

    Michael Carthy
    London clinical hypnotherapy, cognitive & positive psychology - specialising in anxiety, depression, fears & phobias and stop smoking hypnotherapist. London Hypnosis Therapy Practice is near St Pauls, Holborn & Farringdon - only 3 minutes walk.
    EC1A 9DE
    07846 543031

    Helen Day Cognitive Hypnotherapist
    Helen Day is a fully qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Coach with all the required skills needed to assist clients with a wide range of issues including stress, anxiety and confidence, offering you a completely bespoke programme.
    Harley Street
    W1G 9QD
    07886 593619

    Alix Needham
    Gain confidence using hypnotherapy and counselling with life coach Alix Needham. Alix has helped many people overcome confidence problems to live a more fulfilling life.
    W1G 8YW
    020 7935 1965

    Breeze of Change
    Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT can help you overcome fears, build confidence, break habits, reduce stress and anxiety, eliminate nerves, maximise potential, increase motivation, improve relationships, control weight, learn to relax and manage pain
    West Ewell, Epsom, Surrey
    020 8397 1232

    Shirley Scott Hypnotherapy
    Practising in Central London, Barbican & Clapham Common High St. Specialising in helping people to stop smoking, to overcome anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias, depression, self esteem issues and eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.
    Central London - South West London
    07894 333378

    Cari Wesby: Cognitive Hypnotherapy London
    Caring and professional female hypnotherapist in central London, Cari specialises in anxiety including fear of flying, fear of public speaking, social anxiety and all other anxieties. Call for a free phone consultation.
    EC1V 8AB
    07811 375 632

    Steve Mckeown Dip.Hyp MIAH
    Hypnotherapy for Healthy Living - Therapy provided includes weight control, emotional problems, confidence, exam nerves and many other problems of the mind. Please contact for a free 30 min consultation.
    St Albans
    AL3 5DL

    Hypnotic Outcomes
    Hypnotherapy, NLP and life and executive coaching practice of experienced therapist and trainer, Damian Hamill. Confidential one-to-one sessions are available in East Dulwich, SE22 and the The Gestalt Centre near Liverpool Street and Old Street, EC1.
    EC2A 4TP
    020 7099 9192

    FM Hypnotherapy Training
    Developed by Tom Mayer, the company provides a unique approach and training system that anyone can access. Dedicated to empowering individuals to discover their own ability to overcome their difficulties and achieve their goals.
    Harley Street
    W1G 9QD
    0800 061 2449

    Max Kirsten
    Kinghtsbridge specialist in smoking cessation, addiction, anxiety, stress management, insomnia, eating disorder, releasing phobia, study & sport performance enhancement, break-through therapy, inner-self confidence, public speaking, performance anxiety.
    SW1X 9PQ
    020 7917 9878

    London Hypnosis
    Hypnotherapy and hypnosis in London. Stop smoking, anxiety, phobias, weight loss.
    London - Middlesex
    0800 011 2513

    Hypnowellness in Highgate offers the best in hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness training in London and Hertfordshire.
    N6 6QS
    0800 246 1838

    Mental Toughness Hypnotherapy London
    Phil Pearl. Clinical hypnotherapist. He specialises in mental toughness and resilience - helping people to improve their confidence, self-esteem and overcome anxiety and stress. Training on mental toughness and resilience for companies and organisations
    W1G 9PF
    020 7467 8548

    Hypnotic Solutions
    Clinical hypnotherapy in North and Central London to help you make positive changes to your life; hypnotherapy help you break habits and addictions and help you overcome fears, phobias and emotional issues such as anxiety and depression.
    FInchley - Westminster
    0845 4565234

    Infinite Excellence
    Hypnotherapist and Master Trainer of Hypnosis providing 1 to 1 Hypnotherapy services, including NLP, NLP Coaching and Time Line TherapyTM for fast and effective results, and Certified Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainerís Training courses.
    N1 3HY
    0800 0433 657

    Easy Way to Change
    Caring and effective hypnotherapy in Central London and the City, help with every problem.
    EC1V 8AB
    07977 315063

    City Hypnosis
    Hypnotherapy treatments include NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to make the sessions as effective as possible. Treatments include stop smoking hypnosis, weight loss hypnosis, gastric band hypnosis and confidence hypnosis
    WC2A 1AL
    0845 351 9926

    Hypnotherapist Harley Street
    Jo Gowda is a fully-qualified Harley Street hypnotherapist practising Structured Advanced Hypnotherapy and The Austin Technique. She also offers ĎStop Smoking in One Hourí sessions with an amazing 95% success rate.
    Harley Street
    W1G 9QD
    020 8638 0927

    Cumberland Hypnotherapy Harley Street Clinic
    Cumberland Hypnotherapy provide an effective way for assisting with weight loss when someone is suffering from obesity or any other unwanted problems.
    W1G 7JD
    020 7586 9350

    Jennie Francis BEd CHC MCH (UK)
    Jennie Francis Hypnotherapy in Central London is a hypnotherapist with 20 years experience specialising in addictions, treating a fear of flying, weight loss, public speaking, anxiety, need to stop smoking and many other problems.
    Harley Street, London
    W1G 9QD
    07803 505337

    Andrew Cunningham
    Clinical hypnotherapist based in Harley Street
    W1G 9QD
    07903 556 382

    HypnoLeaf - Stop Smoking Hypnosis
    Ray Singh ( seen on ABC / Disney) takes giving up smoking in London to a whole new level with this evidence based approach to stop smoking hypnosis in London. Free consultations.
    Canary Wharf
    E14 4AS
    020 7096 0613

    Hypnosis Healing
    Registered clinical Hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner based in Harley Street and Hertford. Also certified Hypnofertility, Hypnobirthing and Life Between Lives Therapist.
    Hertford, Hertfordshire
    SG14 2BG
    01992 554654

    Newlife Prospects
    Newlife Prospects provide hypnotherapy, alternative & holistic health services in Woking Surrey, offer hypnotherapy, NLP, time line therapy, EMDR to help cure anxiety, fears, phobias. Clients in Woking, Guildford, Farnham, Camberley, Surrey & London.
    Woking, Surrey
    GU22 8BU
    01483 494988

    Hypnotherapy in Harrow
    Kasem Chouja is a professional and effective hypnotherapist based in Harrow.
    HA1 4EB
    07894 341430

    Change Your Mind Ltd
    Friendly, confidential therapy service for most psychological, emotional and relationship issues, including stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias, weight loss, eating disorders, habits and addictions including alcohol, drugs, gambling and smoking
    EC2N 2AT
    07855 352947

    Lewis Clinic, The
    Established in Londons West End for 18 years the therapists have built its reputation for excellence and success to achieve life changing benefits. Learn to motivate yourself or gain confidence, lose weight, cure a fear or phobia.
    W1N 1DA
    020 7636 1820

    Hypnotherapy & Stress management
    Francoise Lotery is an experienced and fully qualified hypnotherapist and stress manager and a member and a fellow of prominent Hypnotherapy and Stress Management Organisations in the UK and the USA.
    020 8518 3741

    Stephanie MacLennan
    Clinical Hypnotherapy is the use of a hypnotic state to treat a variety of psychological problems and psychologically-derived physical problems
    W1G 9PF
    020 7467 8357

    Jonathan Conway
    Find out how hypnosis can help you stop smoking, manage your weight more effectively, improve your presentation skills or overcome a phobia
    020 7433 1757

    Doctor Grahame Randall
    Experienced medical hypnotherapist / doctor. Help with giving up smoking, pain relief, anxiety and stress management, panic attacks, phobias, weight loss, irritable bowel syndrome, sport performance and more. Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex area.
    Liphook, Hampshire
    GU30 7HE
    01428 724 333

    Resolved Hypnotherapy
    Warm, professional and effective hypnotherapy in the heart of London, specialise in working with aspergers, victims of emotional abuse and tinnitus.
    WC1N 3ES
    020 7193 9331
    07786 123736

    Havering Hypnotherapy
    Experienced female clinical hypnotherapist and cognitive behaviour therapist - Fiona Sarll, offers a caring and professional approach to issues such as hypno-band weight loss programme, anxiety, stress, IBS, smoking, self-confidence, fertility, phobias.
    RM14 1UX
    01708 641674

    First Choice Hypnotherapy
    Qualified in both hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming, First Choice Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a whole range of problems including helping to stop smoking, lose weight, gain confidence.
    SE1 7EH
    020 8682 0127

    Robert Matthews Hypnotherapy London
    West London hypnotherapy, effective in dealing with a whole range of emotional and physical disorders.
    W5 5LH
    020 8840 9961

    Darren Marks
    Hypnotherapist and trainer. Darren has been awarded the Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy by the GHR in recognition of his experience and work which has featured in both the specialist and popular media
    07957 131 751

    Hypnotherapy Associates of London
    Experienced female hypnotherapists offer professional, confidential hypnosis for lasting change.
    W1G 9QD