Stop Smoking

Stop smoking clinics in London, electronic and e-cig suppliers, nicotine patches, clinics and practitioners heling smokers quit and give up using treatment including use of hypnotherapy, NLP, behaviour modification programmes, bio-reduction, laser treatment, life coaching, cognitive therapy, medication plus more

    Stop Smoking Clinic
    Stop smoking in one hypnotherapy session, with a 2-year guarantee. Gill Grubb is a clinical hypnotherapist based in London and has clinics within easy access of towns such as Bromley, Blackheath, Bexley, Croydon, Dartford, Greenwich and Lewisham.
    BR1 1LF
    0800 107 2234

    Stop smoking right now with the help of a powerful combination of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance-Action Therapy (AAT), Hypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Includes guarantee, and follow-up.
    London - Surrey
    01372 815 041

    Life Principles
    Do you want to stop smoking without any physical, emotional or financial pain? Do you want to massively increase your chances of success with the most advanced hypnosis system in the world together with bio-reduction and laser treatment?
    0800 071 1991

    PW Hypnotherapy
    Hypnotherapy counselling and coaching. Tricia utilises hypnotherapy and other powerful techniques which are tailored to your personal needs to help you to become a happy and healthy non-smoker
    0845 130 0854

    Vapourlites™ provide electronic cigarettes which give a real smoking sensation along with a realistic smoke effect.
    0800 222 9222

    City Hypnosis
    Stop smoking in one hour
    0845 351 9926

    Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic
    A unique combination of advanced hypnosis and modern technology to overcome your smoking habit once and for all. Their techniques have been rigorously tested and found to be highly effective
    Harley Street, London
    W1G 9QD
    020 7127 4554

    Quit Smoking Clinic
    Stop smoking in one session at the London based clinic
    Ealing Broadway
    W5 5LH
    020 8840 9634

    Smoke Relief
    Electronic cigarettes and cartridge refills - refill your cigarette with flavours that include tobacco, menthol, peach, vanilla, apple, cherry and cappuccino.
    0345 370 1900

    OK Electronic Cigarettes
    OK Cigs offer a full range of electronic cigarettes, refills, vaping devices, e liquid and all accessories. Their product range continues to grow and expand taking in new trends in the industry and customer requirements.
    N9 0TN
    08455 442988
    Ready to stop smoking with London Hypnosis?
    Leytonstone, East London
    020 8539 9830

    Inspired Hypnosis
    Stop Smoking with cognitive Hypnotherapy. Mark Davis uses a blend of CBT, mindfulness and hypnotherapy to deconstruct your habit and leave you smoke-free. Also treatments for anxiety, stress and phobias.
    North London
    NW7 4SD
    0800 860 0698

    Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking
    One of the most successful stop smoking clinics in the world
    0800 389 2115

    Mobile bioresonance service to help stop smoking. Treatments given at your home or workplace. No stress, no travelling, no extra charge.
    0845 257 5538

    Go Smokefree
    Quit smoking and start living
    0800 169 0169

    Vape Club
    Monthly electronic cigarette subscription plans that can save you over 80% compared to smoking normal cigarettes. You can change, suspend or cancel your plan at any time and simply order electronic cigarettes when you like, free trial.
    Watford, Herts
    WD18 9DA
    01923 479995