Photoreading & Speed Reading

Photoreading & Speed reading in London. The use of mind skills to help increase reading speed and comprehension. Teaching of photo reading to help develop creative thinking.

    Word Smiths
    Run half-day and full-day workshops in subjects such as speed reading, Mind Mapping™, memory techniques and effective business writing. The aim of these events is to help participants to think creatively and process information effectively
    01873 857556

    Use mind skills for success in studies, work and social life
    Chelwood Gate, Sussex
    RH17 7LS
    01825 740705

    Rapid Reading
    Increase reading speed 100% and develop comprehension and recall. UK public speed reading courses in London and in-company courses worldwide
    01225 866043
    Learn faster, improve memory, boost energy, relax deeply and much more
    01189 483444

    Performance Partnership
    By learning to photoread, you will be able to get through information many times faster than you do now, and at the level of comprehension that you require
    020 8992 9523

    Illumine Training
    Specialises in delivering management and personal development training enabling individuals and their organisations to effectively manage information overload and develop their creative thinking, problem solving and communication skills
    01753 866 633

    NLP Academy
    PhotoReading is such a powerful tool it needs to be accessible for all

    Process large volumes of information quickly & efficiently. PhotoReading is a new skill which goes beyond traditional reading, and Speed Reading.
    East Finchley
    020 8566 9881