Handball in North, South, East, West, Central London and Home Counties, coaching for men, women, youth, juniors, leagues and team competitions.

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    London - Nationwide

    London Handball Association
    Supports the development of Olympic Handball in London in partnership with England Handball Association (EHA) & British Handball Association (BHA). Played on a court, a field, or the beach, it’s a fast-paced strenuous sport that kids love.

    Great Dane Handball Club
    New members are welcome for participation in social and league events. Men practise Thursday and Saturday, women on Tuesday and Saturday.
    Leyton Score Sports Centre
    E10 5JY
    07966 452 888

    British Handball Association
    Handball is one of the most popular sport in Europe and a dynamic, popular and exciting sport that requires athleticism, strength and stamina, great fitness and most of all, team work.
    Rossendale, Lancashire
    BB4 7QX
    01706 229354