020 London

Immigration Solicitors South East London

Experts in immigration, nationality law, emigration, work permits, repatriation, points-based applications, residency schemes, skilled migrants, students, appeals in Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich & Lewisham.

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020 London - South East London
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  • Davidson Morris featured site
    Their London Bridge business immigration team is one of the largest specialist immigration teams in the UK with substantial experience of business / commercial immigration, PBS Licence applications, civil penalties, PBS licence revocation and suspension
    Location: South East London
    Postcode: MAP
    Telephone: 020 7494 0118

  • Simons Rodkin Litigation Solicitors featured site
    Immigration solicitors covering South East London. Appeal hearings - this is a core area of their work, applications for leave to remain, residency or nationality, applications for members of your family to enter and remain in the UK.
    Telephone: 020 8446 6223

  • Freemans Solicitors featured site
    Specialist immigration & nationality law solicitors covering SE London for individuals and companies. Dealing with work permits, student / study visas, marriage / unmarried partner's concessions as well as asylum cases.
    Location: South East London
    Telephone: 020 7935 3522

  • AS Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in Lewisham specialising in helping in becoming a British citizen, establishing a business in the UK, settling in the UK, studying in the UK and all appeals.
    Location: Lewisham
    Postcode: SE12 8RW MAP
    Telephone: 020 8318 4345

  • Cader Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in Chislhurst advising on all visa applications for visitors, students, spouses, family members, fiancÚs, civil partnerships, EEA and family members, naturalisation and British citizenship, appeals and judicial reviews.
    Location: Chislehurst
    Postcode: BR7 6LH MAP
    Telephone: 020 8090 0567

  • Cale Solicitors
    Immigration & asylum solicitors in Greenwich specialising in naturalisation and citizenship, all tier applications, sponsorship applications, indefinite leave to remain, removal and deportation, bail applications, appeals, tribunals, judicial review
    Location: Greenwich
    Postcode: SE10 8DA MAP
    Telephone: 020 8694 2269

  • Dorcas Funmi & Co Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in Erith offering a comprehensive immigration service from application to appeal stage. Provide a detailed service on applications from inside and outside the United Kingdom.
    Location: Erith
    Postcode: DA8 1JQ MAP
    Telephone: 01322 335 005

  • FmK Solicitors
    Immigration law solicitors in SE London advising on all point based systems applications as well as asylum and human rights law in the immigration and protection applications context.
    Location: Greenwich
    Postcode: SE10 8AJ MAP
    Telephone: 020 3627 8597

  • Gans & Co
    Immigration solicitors in Peckham that can assist you with applications for visa & entry clearance, citizenship & nationality, work permits & business applications, relationship & marriage applications, asylum & human rights applications.
    Location: Peckham
    Postcode: SE15 4NL MAP
    Telephone: 020 7469 7010

  • Grand and Machyle
    Specialist immigration lawyers in Catford providing advice, including Brexit, to individuals and corporate clients on all immigration law applications and appeals.
    Location: Catford
    Postcode: SE6 3BT MAP
    Telephone: 020 3609 3464

  • Hudson McKenzie
    Immigration solicitors in Southwark. Being a global immigration practice their clients come from different cultural backgrounds. They respect their cultural preferences & always go the extra mile to serve them, making their move stress free.
    Location: Southwark
    Postcode: SE1 2RE MAP
    Telephone: 020 3283 4102

  • Jein Solicitors
    Immigration, asylum & human rights law solicitors in Lewisham dealing with all visa applications and all appeals covering the whole spectrum of immigration law and all tiers.
    Location: Lewisham
    Postcode: SE13 5LD MAP
    Telephone: 020 8852 5214

  • John Itsagwede & Co
    Peckham immigration solicitors that deal with visa extensions, work permits, marriage application, asylum, indefinite leave to remain, application for British passport, entry clearance, judicial review & all other immigration cases.
    Location: Peckham
    Postcode: SE15 4TW MAP
    Telephone: 020 7732 8750

  • Kesar & Co
    Immigration, asylum & human rights solicitors in Bromley specialising in all visa applications, Brexit advice, covering all types of applications and appeals for individual and corporate clients.
    Location: Bromley
    Postcode: BR1 1DG MAP
    Telephone: 020 8181 3100

  • KLR Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in Sidcup providing Brexit advice for all visa applications for individual & corporate clients.
    Location: Sidcup
    Postcode: DA14 6DW MAP
    Telephone: 020 8300 6666

  • Manak Solicitors LLP
    Orpington immigration solicitors that can assist with Brexit advice & all applications for extension of leave to remain in UK, applications for indefinite leave to remain, EEA association agreement applications, EU residence applications & work permits.
    Location: Orpington
    Postcode: BR6 0NW MAP
    Telephone: 01689 870 769

  • Mandy Peters Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in Lee. Advice available on naturalisation and settlement applications, visa applications, UK work permits, entry clearance, HSMP applications, working holiday makers, marriage and visa extension applications.
    Location: Lee
    Postcode: SE12 8RU MAP
    Telephone: 020 8297 4000

  • Mitchell Simmonds Solicitors
    Greenwich immigration solicitors with a reputation for handling landmark cases from deportation matters to release from immigration or police detention; they have the requisite skills, knowledge & ability to handle all immigration matters.
    Location: Greenwich
    Postcode: SE10 8DA MAP
    Telephone: 020 8469 1441

  • Mountain Partnership
    Immigration solicitors in Lambeth. Specialist dual jurisdiction qualified immigration lawyers, advice & assistance on work permit & asylum applications, citizenship & naturalisation appeals, regularisation of stay & visa extension.
    Location: Lambeth
    Postcode: SE14 5DJ MAP
    Telephone: 020 7732 3737

  • Natado Solicitors
    Deptford immigration solicitors. Advice available on naturalisation and settlement applications, visa applications, UK work permits, entry clearance, HSMP applications, working holiday makers, marriage and visa extension applications.
    Location: Deptford
    Postcode: SE8 4PH MAP
    Telephone: 020 8691 9700

  • Newland Chase
    Immigration solicitors in Greenwich providing expert advice on all aspects of UK work permit and immigration other than asylum.
    Location: Union Street
    Postcode: SE1 0LX MAP
    Telephone: 020 7001 2121

  • Rose, Samuel, Odele & partners solicitors
    Lewisham immigration solicitors. Undertake a great deal of appeal work before the immigration appellate authority & are pleased to accept instructions to represent a client before an immigration adjudicator or immigration appeals tribunal.
    Location: Lewisham
    Postcode: SE26 4NL MAP
    Telephone: 020 8676 3449

  • Smith Stone Walters
    Immigration solicitors in Bromley with services covering all aspects of UK permit applications, nationality law and United Kingdom work permits and UK visa applications.
    Location: Bromley
    Postcode: BR1 3EJ MAP
    Telephone: 020 8461 6660

  • Stevens Machi Solicitors
    Immigration law solicitors in SE London dealing with all immigraion matters, all visa applications for all tiers, appeals, judicial reviews, bail, deportation, immigration detention and threatened removal.
    Location: Lewisham
    Postcode: SE13 6BG MAP
    Telephone: 020 8003 2989

  • Tuckers Solicitors
    24/7 immigration & asylum solicitors in SE London specialising in all visa applications and all appeals providing legal advice and representation across the full spectrum of private immigration law matters.
    Location: Camberwell
    Postcode: SE5 8QU MAP
    Telephone: 020 7388 8333

  • Wellers Law Group LLP
    Bromley immigration solicitors. Services include business, corporate and commercial immigration, work visas, work permits, student visas, family visas, marriage visas & further leave to remain applications.
    Location: Bromley
    Postcode: BR1 3NF MAP
    Telephone: 020 8464 4242

  • Wesley Gryk Solicitors LLP
    Immigration solicitors in SE London able to help with all immigration issues, whether you want to enter the UK to work, to set up your own business, to seek political asylum, to take a university course or to settle with a partner.
    Location: Waterloo
    Postcode: SE1 7AE MAP
    Telephone: 020 7401 6887

  • Westfield Solicitors
    Immigration and nationality law solicitors in Bromley covering all aspects of immigration law including applications for all visas and appeals, also providing Brexit advice.
    Location: Bromley
    Postcode: BR1 1WA MAP
    Telephone: 020 8228 1260

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