Solicitors Hillingdon

Solicitors in the London Borough of Hillingdon, lawyers offering legal services & advice for individuals and businesses covering all areas of law, firms in Hayes, Ickenham, Uxbridge, Ruislip, West Drayton, Northwood, Harefield and surrounding areas.

    Freemans Criminal Defence SolicitorsFeatured
    Criminal defence solicitors. Police station attendance 24/7. Specialising in fraud, money laundering and serious white collar crimes and murder, rape & sexual offences, terrorism, drugs & related crimes, burglary, theft and other crimes.
    020 7935 3522
    0797 325 9382

    Freemans Family Law SolicitorsFeatured
    Family law solicitors. Particularly recognized for their work with issues regarding children - residence & contact, care proceedings, international cases including abduction and relocation, adoption & all divorce & separation issues.
    020 7935 3522

    Cathcarts Solicitors
    Commercial and residential conveyancing, probate and wills solicitors in Ickenham. The firm also has significant expertise in major international commercial transactions for foreign governments and high net worth clients.
    UB10 8BG
    01895 631 942

    Dhanju McLean and Associates
    Specialist criminal defence & motoring law solicitors in West Drayton dealing with the full range off arrests and police station interviews from murder to speeding.
    West Drayton
    UB7 7RQ
    01895 436948

    Northwood Law Practice
    Northwood solicitors with a legal aid franchise in family, children & matrimonial law. They have experts in property law, litigation, legal aid, wills, consumer & contract law, debt and changes of name.
    HA6 3AE
    01923 826208

    Houghtons Solicitors
    Eastcote based solicitors with legal expertise in commercial law, business law, commercial property, litigation, residential conveyancing, wills, trusts & probate and financial planning.
    HA4 9LT
    020 8429 7451

    Capital Legal Solicitors
    Conveyancing solicitors in Uxbridge also specialising in landlord & tenant, wills & probate, power of attorney, immigration & nationality, divorce & family law, employment law.
    UB8 1EX
    01895 236 920

    Penn Legal Solicitors
    Divorce, family & childrens law solicitors in Hillingdon also specialising in employment, conveyancing, wills & probate, immigration, commercial property law and dispute resolution.
    Uxbridge - Hillingdon
    UB8 1HR
    0870 043 3876

    HAL Solicitors - Ally Lindsay Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in Hillingdon available 24/7 for police station arrests also specialising in residential conveyancing, divorce & family law, civil litigation, road traffic personal injury, wills & probate.
    UB10 9PG
    0800 050 9837

    Allsop Durn & Dearlove
    Commercial litigation & employment law solicitors in Ruislip also specialising in divorce, matrimonial and child care law, conveyancing & property matters, wills, trusts & probate.
    HA4 7AU
    01895 612400

    MTG Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors in Hayes with expertise in all aspects of criminal arrests, property, civil law, matrimonial, immigration, wills & probate. Other services include personal injury claims and intellectual property rights.
    UB3 3EE
    020 8754 5577

    Starck Uberoi Solicitors
    Serious crime solicitors covering Hillingdon dealing with, amongst others, arrests for drugs, murder also specialising in motoring law, immigration law, commercial & civil litigation, conveyancing, intellectual property, dispute resolution.
    020 8840 6640

    Pinidiya Solicitors
    Immigration, asylum & human rights solicitors in Hillingdon also specialising in divorce & family law, civil litigation, landlord & tenant, wills & probate.
    UB10 9ND
    01895 474 792
    07961 199 557

    Nicholls Christie & Crocker - Solicitors
    Domestic & commercial conveyancing solicitors in Uxbridge also specialising in divorce & family law, charities & voluntary organisations, wills, probate, trusts & lasting powers of attorney.
    UB8 1JX
    01895 256216

    Wells Burcombe LLP
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in West Drayton attending all police stations and courts for arrests or police interviews for any crime also specialising in divorce & family law, immigration, litigation 7 dispute resolution.
    West Drayton
    UB7 7PN
    01895 449 288
    07592 034 170

    Burch Phillips & Co.
    Divorce,family & childrens law solicitors in West Drayton, Hillingdon. Specialise in residential & commercial property conveyancing, employment law & unfair dismissal claims, wills and probate, personal injuries and debt collection.
    West Drayton - Hillingdon
    UB7 7LR
    01895 442141

    ABV Solicitors
    Criminal defence solicitors in Hayes. Available 24 hours, 365 days a year for police station attendance. They deal with all crime investigations including tax, VAT & serious fraud, terrorism & from robbery to murder.
    UB3 1AN
    0844 587 9996
    0701 700 8999

    Hodders Law Firm
    Solicitors in Hayes with lawyers specialising in employment law, family, landlord & tenant, litigation, property, wills & probate. Their business law services covers commercial property, employment, licensing & business affairs.
    UB4 0SD
    020 8606 6790

    Veja and Co Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in Hayes attending all police stations and all courts for all arrests for any crime and police interviews also specialising in personal injury, immigration, divorce & family, employment law.
    UB4 8HR
    020 8581 1502

    Allsop Durn Solicitors
    Civil litigation & dispute resolution solicitors in Ruislip also specialising in employment law, residential conveyancing, commercial property, wills, trusts & probate.
    HA4 7AU
    01895 612400

    Old Bailey Solicitors
    Crime solicitors with extensive case experience in handling serious fraud, drugs, money laundering, murder, terrorism, sexual offences and other more unusual allegations.
    020 3170 7880
    07887 688 703

    Powell Spencer & Partners
    Divorce, separation & childrens law solicitors covering Hillingdon, acting for any family member who may need legal advice and representation. They appear in all courts, and where appropriate instruct barristers who specialise in family cases.
    020 7604 5600

    A & R Solicitors
    Civil litigation solicitors in Hayes also specialising in commercial contracts, personal injury claims, landlord & tenant, immigration law, divorce, children & family law.
    UB4 0SD
    03333 443351

    Jay Visva Solicitors
    Civil litigation & dispute resolution solicitors in Hayes also specialising in residential & commercial property, employment law, divorce, children & family law, immigration, landlord & tenant, will drafting, lawyers for your business.
    UB4 0RS
    020 8573 6673

    Bird & Lovibond
    Solicitors in Hillingdon that deal with client requirements quickly, competitively & efficiently. Family, divorce & childrens law, accident claims, commercial & residential property, disputes & damages, employment, wills & probate, business law.
    01895 256151

    Desor & Co
    Desor & Co is an approachable family firm dealing with various areas of the law yet providing a specialist service in family matters, housing, personal injury, civil disputes, wills & probate, professional negligence, No Win No Fee scheme.
    UB4 0RU
    020 8569 0708

    Lexmark Legal
    24/7 immigration solicitors in Hayes specialising in individual, family and business visas, asylum and human rights issues with vast experience of all tier applications, appeals and reviews.
    UB3 4AZ
    020 8090 2488

    Simons Rodkin Litigation Solicitors
    Litigation solicitors covering Hillingdon. Specialists in employment claims, divorce & family, business disputes, landlord & tenant, immigration, bankruptcy & insolvency, personal injury - No Win No Fee, commercial & property litigation disputes.
    020 8446 6223

    Worsdell & Vintner Solicitors
    Residential & commercial property conveyancing solicitors in Ickenham also specialising in corporate law & business advice, wills & probate.
    UB10 8NE
    01895 672631

    Teaco Associates
    Residential & commercial property conveyancing solicitors in Northwood also specialising in wills, probate & financial trust planning.
    HA6 2PX
    01923 824422

    Sethi Partnership Solicitors
    Crime solicitors in Ruislip. Also specialists in conveyancing, immigration, divorce & family law, employment & unfair dismissal compensation claims, personal injury & medical negligence, litigation, business visas & other legal issues.
    HA4 8TB
    020 8866 6464

    IBB Law
    Criminal defence solicitors in Uxbridge. Arrest defence, advice at police stations, representation at Magistratesí or Crown Courts. Expertise in commercial law, employment, family, residential coveyancing, construction and insolvency.
    UB8 1AB
    0345 877 7029

    EDC Lord & Co Solicitors
    Solicitors in Hayes specialising in business law, residential law, wills & probate, mediation and litigation.
    UB4 8JD
    020 8848 9988

    Northwood Law Practice
    Divorce & family law solicitors in Northwood also specialising in civil litigation, housing law, wills, contract law and debt.
    HA6 3AE
    01923 826 208

    Martin Murray & Associates
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in West Drayton attending all police station arrests for m urder, manslaughter, sexual offences, assaults, theft and fraud related offences, domestic violence, motoring, extradition, ommigration act offences etc
    West Drayton
    UB7 7BE
    01895 431332
    01753 600101

    Moneta Partnership
    Solicitors specialising in high quality advice on inheritance tax, asset protection and writing wills. All of their consultants are at least Associate members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters.
    01895 673040

    David Long Solicitors
    Hayes based solicitors with specialists in property law, landlord & tenants, personal injury, accidents at work, employment law, unfair dismissal, with no win no fee arrangements available.
    UB3 4SH
    020 8569 0110

    ABM Solicitors and Advocates
    Immigration and asylum solicitors in Hayes also specialising in divorce & family law, children & child care proceedings, housing law, debt, welfare benefits, employment law for employers & employees, discrimination and other areas of law.
    UB3 4BE
    020 8848 8600

    Bana Vaid & Associates
    High street practice catering for the needs of the local community. They specialise in conveyancing, commercial property, family law, wills & probate, landlord & tenant, personal injury, contract law, consumer & debt, neighbour disputes.
    Hillingdon - Hayes
    01895 272481

    Ammal Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in Uxbridge also specialising in business immigration, conveyancing, divorce, children & family law, civil litigation, employment law, housing, welfare benefits.
    UB8 1RG
    020 3129 2794

    Howman Solicitors
    Ruislip based firm that offer a unique residential & commercial conveyancing service, along with wills, probate, trusts & business law.
    HA4 7AE
    01895 621777

    Seabourne Lawleys Solicitors
    Solicitors in Northwood that specialise in a range of legal matters covering commercial law, property law, landlord & tenant, matrimonial & civil partnerships, family & related finances, cohabitation, wills, probate & trust advice.
    HA6 1BL
    01923 820639

    Virdee Solicitors
    24/7 police station criminal defence solicitors providing practical, expert and timely advice for any magistrate or crown court matter also specialising in personal injury claims.
    UB10 0PD
    01895 232855
    07525 657190

    Sriharans Solicitors
    Solicitors with experts in immigration & human rights, immigration appeals to the High Court, Commercial law & residential conveyancing, landlord & tenants, wills & probate, family law, housing disputes, and civil litigation.
    020 8843 9974

    McCormacks Law
    Arrest defence solicitors covering Hillingdon. 24/7 police station attendance. They specialise in criminal and family law work, serious and complex casework and specialist fraud.
    020 7791 2000

    Berlad Graham LLP
    Divorce, children & family law solicitors in Uxbridge also specialising in civil litigation, equine law, immigration, insolvency, clinical negligence, personal injury claims, residential & commercial property conveyancing, wills, trusts, probate.
    UB8 1QG
    1895 457474

    Hudson Marshall Solicitors
    24/7 criminal defence solicitors in Uxbridge also specialising in motoring law and civil litigation. Experienced at all crime from rape & murder through to theft & burglary.
    UB8 2FX
    0800 368 9939

    Frazine Johnson Solicitors
    Divorce, separation & family law solicitors in Denham also specialising in residential conveyancing, local government matters, landlord & tenant, debt collection, wills, probate, powers of attorney.
    UB9 5ET
    01895 830700

    A V Law Solicitors
    Fraud & white collar criminal defence solicitors in Hayes also specialising in civil litigation & dispute resolution, divorce & family law, immigration, property law, intellectual property, business law, personal injury.
    UB3 3EE
    020 8561 5559