Prison Law West London

Prison lawyers in West London based in Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hillingdon & Hounslow specialising in advising and representing prisoners whilst protecting their rights.

    Albin & Co Solicitors
    Prison law solicitors covering all West London - parole & recall, IPP & lifer prisoners, prison adjudications, judicial review, sentence progression & calculation. Their team are there to support prisoners and their families.
    RG1 1TZ
    0118 957 4018
    07917 662 770

    GT Stewart Solicitors
    Prison law solicitors in Hammersmith that are able to help with a range of prison law issues under legal aid or private funding. If legal aid is not available they can provide private quotes for other prison law matters.
    W6 7AB
    020 8299 6000

    Prime Solicitors
    Specialist prison law solicitors in West London. They address issues such as appeals against conviction and / or sentence, proceeds of crime, advice regarding allocation of category status and everything prison related as well.
    TW13 4AU
    020 3332 0336
    020 3332 0919

    Birnberg Peirce
    Prison law solicitors covering West London that assist and advise prisoners in relation to a number of areas of Prison Service and Parole Board decision making. They challenge by way of judicial review decisions not applied fairly or lawfully.
    West London
    020 7911 0166

    Arora Lodhi Heath
    Prison law solicitors in Acton. They offer advice and representation in the following areas - offences against prison discipline / adjudication, parole hearings, judicial reviews, categorisations, license recall and all other prison law issues.
    W3 6AH
    020 8993 9995

    Latif Adams Solicitors
    Prison law solicitor based in Southall. They deal with the following - MDTS, appeals against adjudication matters, adjudications, re-categorisations, parole, licence recall, lifer & all other prison law issues.
    UB2 4HD
    020 3479 2663

    Powell Spencer & Partners
    Ealing firm geared to protecting the rights of prisoners. Advice & assistance in all areas including disciplinary adjudications, re categorisation A to B, licence recall, lifer review. Legal aid available for problems affecting prisoner treatment.
    W5 2NR
    020 7604 5600

    Lansbury Worthington Solicitors
    This Hammersmith based prison law team offer considerable experience advising on breaches of licence, licence terms, prison disciplinary procedures, release dates, Home Office licence, parole licence, recall, indeterminate sentences.
    W6 0GY
    020 8563 9797

    Howard & Byrne Solicitors
    Specialist prison law solicitors dealing with recall cases, work with regard to life sentenced prisoners including parole board hearings, prison adjudication in front of an independent adjudicator, assist with sentence calculation and Category A reviews.
    West London
    020 3714 5096

    Sayer Moore & Co
    Prison law solicitors in Acton dealing with all prison issues and all prisons in the Greater London area.
    W3 6PL
    020 3151 1635