Affordable crutches with soft hand grips, walkers, strollers, ergonomic walking aids for children, adults and sports people, from standard aluminium NHS models to advanced, stylish, innovative forearm carbon fibre styles in different colours and adjustable sizes, models for arthritis sufferers, amputees and other needs. Design your own, chic, glitz, cool designs and shades with specialist comfort handgrips in ergonomic styles designed to relieve shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand discomfort and pain. Accessories include soft left & right hand comfort grips, good cuffs, also spring loaded, non slip and ice ferrels, hopper hip bags, crutch clips, stands, crutch drink holders.

    Right Choice Mobility
    Right Choice Mobility in Walthamstow East London has a stocked showroom of new and innovative mobility products including steel forearm crutches, other walking aids and rollators.
    E4 9EF
    020 8527 7487

    John Preston
    John Preston mobility stocks a selection of crutches including single & double adjustable, pediatric & bariatric models, spring loaded crutches for athletes, amphibious crutches for beaches & swimming, tripods, knee walker, rollators.
    02892 677077

    FlexyFoot helps crutch & forearm crutch users, put on crutches when recovering from sports injury, broken leg, operation or for active amputees, transforms them into better walking aids with better grip, advanced shock absorption, more stability.
    0800 0285 888

    Consolor Crutches
    Ergobaum state-of-the-art crutches are designed to help reduce patient discomfort & pain, for adults of all sizes & children, night light, panic & help button, relieves pressure on shoulders & elbow
    01202 827650

    2020 Mobility Ltd‏
    Stylish, affordable, innovative walking aids & crutches, walkers, strollers, walking canes, aluminium & carbon fibre crutches in great colurs for adults & children, range of adjustable sizes, innovative ergonomic forearm styles, comfortable handgrips.
    Hayes, Kent
    BR2 7EB
    0844 357 0026

    One-stop shop for designer mobility aids, GlamSticks™ sells glitzy crutches for females, each hand-painted, individually designed & finished to a very high standard for durability. Catwalk, Chameleon, Helenic, Juicy Lucy, Punk & more!
    07903 143322

    Mobility North London
    Mobility North London in Finchley sell & hire a range of crutches including double adjustable, anatomic handled, under arm, new style Flexyfoot crutches. Crutch pads take the pressure off hands & Flexyfoot ferrules are a popular additon to all crutches.
    North Finchley
    N12 9RH
    020 3417 7505

    Online retailer specialising in beautifully designed award winning daily living aids for the elderly and disabled. See their collection of stylish, ergonomic and colourful carbon fibre and aluminium crutches from INDESmed, Flexyfoot and TrustCare.
    Woking, Surrey
    0800 772 3771

    Coloured crutches with soft grip comfort handles, children's bright & colourful elbow crutches, light & heavy duty fixed height & adjustable styles, axilla, trough & shoulder crutches plus budget models.
    0114 26 18100

    Sheen Mobility
    Sheen Mobility in SW London supplies the innovative iWALK 2.0 hands-free crutches together with frames, walkers and other aids.
    East Sheen
    SW14 8AE
    020 8408 2000

    Boots the Chemist
    Boots sell adjustable Homecraft ergonomic handle crutches available from Boots, also extra long style for tall people also frames, trolleys and sticks.
    London - Nationwide
    0345 070 8090

    Health and Care
    Leading online provider of quality sports supports, healthcare, mobility products at competitive & affordable prices, vast range of comfort & adjustable adult & children's crutches, accessories: stands, clips, drinks holder, ferrels.
    SW4 6JP
    020 7720 2266

    iWALK 2.0, revolutionary hands-free knee crutch for non-weight bearing lower leg injury including achilles tendon tear or rupture, injured ankles, surgery, bunion removal, lower leg fractures, calf injury, below leg temporary prosthetic.
    0345 056 1069

    Smartcrutch™ UK
    Smartcrutch™ is an adjustable modular bio-mechanic crutch providing long & short-term crutch users with incredible benefits, provides better mobility, much less discomfort and avoids harsh forces on the hands, wrists and axilla.
    TW13 7DU
    020 8001 6823
    0800 988 3211

    Cool Crutches
    Cool Crutches give the injured or disabled chic, colourful, robust, lightweight crutches, moulded to left & right hand, solid, silent for long & short term use regardless of injury, condition or disability. Personalised design your own & accessories.

    Disabled Living Foundation
    DLF is a national charity providing impartial advice, information and training on independent living, they can advise on crutches suitable for specific needs, handles, grips, height, supply, purchase or funding.
    SW11 3SE
    020 7289 6111

    Folding Crutch
    The TEMED folding crutch is an innovative ergonomic design for comfort practicality, strength, all the benefits of a traditional crutch, a comfortable open crutch with ergonomic handle that you can pop into a bag.
    PO20 7LL
    01243 572255

    The Sports Crutch Company Ltd.
    The Sports Crutch Company Ltd is the exclusive UK & European importer of the Millennial Medical Forearm & Underarm In-Motion Crutches for top sports people, innovated to combine durability, comfort & innovation at an affordable price.

    Chic Aid Crutches
    Chic Aid Crutches is home to hundreds of comfortable, colourful and custom range of personalised mobility aids. Medically approved, coloured crutches to accessorise with your clothes, shoes, mood, event or even your car!
    01977 331835