Cryonics, information, facilities and organisations providing cryopreservation and the facility to preserve bodies that cannot be sustained by contemporary medicine, at low temperatures, also embryos, tissue, brains and organs after death, with the intent of healing, restoring life, resuscitation when medical technology becomes available.

    Alcor Life Extension Foundation
    The Alcor Life Extension Foundation is the world leader in cryonics, cryonics research, technology. Cryonics is the science of using ultra-cold temperature to preserve human life with the intent of restoring good health when technology becomes available.
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    UK Cryonics and Cryopreservation Research Network
    The UK Cryonics and Cryopreservation Research Network is a group of UK researchers who, together with international advisors, aim to advance research in cryopreservation and its applications.

    Cryonics UK
    Cryonics UK is a non-profit organisation set in place to provide assistance as necessary to those within the UK who wish for their body to be cryopreserved upon "death".
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    Cryonics is a visionary concept that holds out the promise of a second chance at life with renewed health, vitality, youth. It involves cooling a recently deceased person to liquid nitrogen temperatures in order to keep the body preserved indefinitely.

    KrioRus is the first company outside the USA territory in Euroasia offering cryonics services, including cryoconservation & storage. Patients are preserved in liquid nitrogen in anticipation of the future technological possibility of revival.
    Mosvow, Russia
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    London Futurists
    Analysis of radical scenarios humanity faces over the next 3 to 40yrs. Developments are gathering speed in fanotechnology, genomics, regenerative medicine, brain sciences, ubiquitous computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, geo-engineering.

    F A Albin
    F A Albin provide personal services, pre-paid funerals, embalming, repatriation and cryonics. Located in London, England.
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    Cryolab Limited
    Cryolab, cryogenic products supplier for biological research, fertility, blood tissue, cell banking, industrial freezing for healthcare sector & pharmaceutical industry. Supply equipment for blood products, bone marrow, stem cell lab work.
    Bognor Regis, West Sussex
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    Unusual Risks Insurance
    Unusual Risks are independent insurance advisers who regularly offer independent financial advice to people looking for Whole of Life Assurance for the purpose of funding Cryonics.
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