Hormones & Depression

London hormone and depression specialists & clinics, NHS treatment and private consultants in North, South, East, West, Central, City of London & Home Counties, health professionals, practices, walk in centres focussing on testing hormone balances in male and female patients, helping with hormone imbalance using the latest bioidentical hormones (BHRT), oestrogen and progesterone replacement, related endocrinology issues and treatment of related depression, low mood, hirsuitism, acne, libido, hair loss, tiredness, weight gain or loss and other issues including peri & post-menopausal mood & memory disorders, premature menopause, premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, dysphoric disorder.

    Hormones and Depression in Women, LondonFeatured
    John Studd, DSc, MD, FRCOG, consultant gynaecologist is now in full time private practice in Wimpole St W1, expert in the field of hormones, depression, libido, HRMD, he also runs the London PMS & Menopause Clinic.
    Wimpole Street W1
    W1G 8SD
    020 7486 0497

    Professor John Studd DSc MD FRCOGFeatured
    Professor Studd is an expert in the field of hormones and depression in women. He treats patients particularly at time of hormonal fluctuation with premenstrual depression, post natal depression & perimenopausal depression.
    46 Wimpole Street
    W1G 8SD
    020 7486 0497

    Hormone Health
    Hormone Health, led by Nick Panay, is a private women’s health clinic in London’s Harley Street. Mr Panay has gathered like-minded specialists to provide a service giving women personal time & choice of treatment to suit their needs & beliefs.
    Harley Street
    W1G 7HU
    020 7034 1303

    NHS Guide
    The NHS website provides information and an A-Z guide on health related matters including depression, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, NHS assessment and advice regarding treatment.

    London Bioidentical Hormones
    Dr Anu Arasu was one of the first doctors to work & train doctors at UK’s first bioidentical hormone clinic. At her own clinic, London Bioidentical Hormones, she provides patients with tailormade programmes that optimise their unique health & wellbeing.
    Harley St
    W1G 9PB
    020 3303 0237

    London Medical
    Their Consultant endocrinologists specialise in paediatric endocrinology, neuroendocrinology, growth disorders, thyroid, adrenal, pituitary disease, reproductive endocrinology, neuroendocrine tumours, erectile dysfunction.
    Marylebone High Street
    W1U 5HJ
    020 7467 5470

    Optimal Health of Harley Street
    Dr Michael Perring is a specialist in both male and female HRT, hormone replacement treatment.
    Queen Anne Street
    W1G 9HN
    020 7436 7713

    It Must be My Hormones
    It Must Be My Hormones was developed to give both women and men an accessible and approachable source of information to help them understand their hormonal health and it's many and varied implications.

    The London Endocrine Centre
    With a focus on early diagnosis & advanced medical & surgical treatment according to need, Dr Jenkins, Dr Chahal, Mr Palazzo treat problems associated with the growth hormone, hormone deficiencies, related conditions in Central London clinics.
    Harley Street - The London Independent Hospital
    020 7323 2755

    Malgosia Zamolska-Settles
    Registered SW London homeopath with a specialism in hormonal imbalances, provides professional & confidential treatment for physical & emotional ailments, short term & chronic. She also practices from the CHAIM Centre in London NW2.
    SW18 5DW
    020 8874 6805

    Marion Gluck Clinic London
    The Marion Gluck Clinic specialises in the use of bio-identical hormones to restore & maintain optimal health & hormone balance. Bespoke medical clinic offering a range of services tailored to the precise needs of the individual.
    Wimpole Street
    W1G 8AH
    020 7402 2151

    Dr Sohère Roked
    Dr Sohère Roked, hormone therapy clinic in Knightsbridge Central London, is one of the UK’s leading experts in bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT). Extremely experienced, she has seen thousands of patients & treated them with BHRT. Private appointments
    SW7 1EX
    020 7584 4777

    Walkin Clinic London - Hormone Testing
    Walk in hormone imbalance tests for men & women at both the Harley Street & City EC3 clinics. Hormone profiling is an important diagnostic tool in investigating hair loss, weight change, tiredness, libido, acne, female physiological changes.
    Harley Street W1 - City of London EC3
    020 3627 5867

    Harpal Clinic
    Harpal is a bioidentical hormones, aesthetic & lifestyle clinic in the City of London providing oestrogen and progesterone replacement therapy.
    EC2Y 9AA
    020 8616 9130

    Dr Jonathan Katz, a Herts North London based consultant endocrinologist, treats patients with the full range of hormone imbalances both on the NHS in Barnet & privately in Hendon & Bushey.
    Barnet Hospital - BMI Garden Hospital Hendon - Spire Bushey Hospital
    07983 205766

    Kathryn Colas provides a highly informative website providing guidance on the menopause, symptoms, depression, therapies, medical experts, advice and solutions to your hormonal problems.
    01825 712858

    The Holistic Medical Clinic
    Dr John Moran is the Medical Director of HMC with over 20 years experience in treating the female menopause, the male andropause and sexual dysfunction. He advises on hormones, depression, anti-ageing medicine, nutrition, alternatives to HRT.
    Wimpole Street
    W1G 8YA
    020 7935 4870

    National Services Female Hormone Clinic
    National Services at the Bethlem Royal Hospital specialises in peri & post-menopausal mood & memory disorders, premature menopause, premenstrual syndrome, dysphoric disorder, mood disorder or depression. (South London & NHS Trust)
    BR3 3BX
    020 3228 4183

    The Wimbledon Clinic
    The Wimbledon Clinic offers a unique hormone profile (Hormone MM2) which evaluates & measures the balance & levels of progesterone, oestradiol, DHEA, testosterone, Free T4, anti-mullerian, folicle stimulating, lutenising hormones.
    SW19 8NJ
    020 8540 3389