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Immigration Solicitors West London

Expert immigration solicitors based in Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hillingdon & Hounslow specialising in nationality law, work permits, repatriation, points-based applications, residency schemes, skilled migrants, spouse visas, right to remain, appeals.

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020 London - West London
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  • Simons Rodkin Litigation Solicitors featured site
    Immigration solicitors covering West London. Appeal hearings - this is a core area of their work, applications for leave to remain, residency or nationality, applications for members of your family to enter and remain in the UK.
    Telephone: 020 8446 6223

  • Freemans Solicitors featured site
    Specialist immigration & nationality law solicitors covering West London for individuals and companies. Dealing with work permits, student / study visas, marriage / unmarried partner's concessions as well as asylum cases.
    Location: West London
    Telephone: 020 7935 3522

  • Davidson Morris featured site
    Their business immigration team in London is one of the largest specialist immigration teams in the UK with substantial experience of business / commercial immigration, PBS Licence applications, civil penalties, PBS licence revocation and suspension.
    Location: West London
    Telephone: 020 7494 0118

  • 12 Bridge Solicitors
    UK immigration solicitors in Brentford specialising in corporate immigration, visas for sport, nationality, European Union law, human rights law and extradition.
    Location: Brentford
    Postcode: TW5 0TA MAP
    Telephone: 020 8570 8282

  • A.Seelhoff Solicitors
    Comprehensive and expert immigration and visa advice in Hammersmith including Brexit issues. Experts on entry clearance applications, work permits, student visas, marriage visas, asylum claims as well as human rights based cases.
    Location: Hammersmith
    Postcode: W6 0NB MAP
    Telephone: 020 3178 4337

  • ALMT Legal
    Hammersmith immigration solicitors, with expertise in corporate immigration. Providing advice to people and businesses from all parts of the world on a wide range of issues including inbound and outbound immigration to India.
    Location: Hammersmith
    Postcode: W6 7NJ MAP
    Telephone: 020 7610 4421

  • Arora Lodhi Heath
    Immigration solicitors in Acton. Their services cover all aspects of British immigration & nationality law and they have a deep and up to date knowledge of the way this law is implemented.
    Location: Acton
    Postcode: W3 6AH MAP
    Telephone: 020 8993 9995

  • Ash Norton Solicitors
    Niche firm of immigration solicitors in Ealing dealing solely in immigtration law for individual & corporate clients.
    Location: Ealing
    Postcode: W5 1DT MAP
    Telephone: 020 8997 1345

  • Asher & Tomar Solicitors
    Specialist immigration solicitors in Southall that provide a same day visa service.
    Location: Southall
    Postcode: UB1 1QF MAP
    Telephone: 020 8867 7737
    Mobile: 07877 257326

  • Bhogal Partners
    Hounslow immigration solicitors. Deal with several areas of immigration law including work permits, relationship & marriage applications, citizenship & nationality, asylum & human rights applications & business immigration.
    Location: Hounslow
    Postcode: TW3 1RB MAP
    Telephone: 020 8572 9867

  • Brandon Consultancy
    Immigration law solicitors in Hammersmith.
    Location: Hammersmith
    Postcode: W6 0NB MAP

  • Carter Bedi McKay
    Niche Hammersmith solicitors specialising in all aspects of UK employment, immigration and carriers' liability offerong a customer focused and responsive service that provides corporate and individual clients with clear, accurate and impartial advice.
    Location: Hammersmith
    Postcode: W6 0NB MAP
    Telephone: 020 3178 7894

  • Charles Gregory Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in Hammersmith. They have a very helpful and capable immigration team who are able to speak Urdu, Punjabi, Gujrati, Mirpuri and Kutchi.
    Location: Hammersmith
    Postcode: W6 7AF MAP
    Telephone: 020 8741 9883

  • Cromwell Wilkes Solicitors
    Immigration law solicitors in Hammersmith specialising in representing High Net Worth individuals who are seeking to do business in the United Kingdom either as investors or entrepreneurs.
    Location: Hammersmith
    Postcode: W6 0NB MAP
    Telephone: 020 3542 6775

  • Douglass Simon Solicitors
    Brentford firm specialising in immigration from high-profile cases to routine applications. Visas, entry clearance, work permit, business, relationship, marriage applications, students, citizenship, nationality, asylum & human rights.
    Location: Brentford, Middx
    Postcode: TW8 0AH MAP
    Telephone: 020 8560 3888

  • Duncan Lewis & Co
    Immigration solicitors in Shepherds Bush. Experience in general immigration, business immigration and asylum. They have wide-ranging experience of assisting immigration clients, particularly in applications and claims for asylum.
    Location: Shepherds Bush
    Postcode: W12 8HA MAP
    Telephone: 020 7923 4020

  • Elthorne Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in Ealing. Assisting with students, visitors, working holidaymakers, spouse, unmarried partner & civil partner applications, dependent relatives, work permits, sponsor licensing, business investors & self employment applications.
    Location: Ealing
    Postcode: W5 4QA MAP
    Telephone: 020 8579 3838

  • Fisher & Myftari Solicitors
    Immigration, asylum & human rights solicitors in Ealing handling all aspects of immigration law, visa applications and representation of individuals for all tiers & appeals.
    Location: Ealing
    Postcode: W5 2XA MAP
    Telephone: 020 8719 0101

  • Hounslow Legal Services
    Immigration, human rights and asylum solicitors in West London dealing with the full spectrum of visa applications and all tiers, tribunals and appeals.
    Location: Hounslow
    Postcode: TW3 3HW MAP
    Telephone: 020 8572 3137

  • Latif Adams Solicitors
    Immigration law solicitors in Ealing handling all tier visa applications and appeals.
    Location: Ealing
    Postcode: W5 3TA MAP
    Telephone: 020 3479 2663

  • Leslie & Co
    Specialists in immigration law, based in Hounslow, dealing with visas, extensions, appeals, marriage visas, indefinite leave to remain, asylum, fresh claims, overstayers, detention / bail work. High success rate in appeals applications.
    Location: Hounslow
    Postcode: TW3 1NW MAP
    Telephone: 020 8577 5491

  • Lewis Sidhu Solicitors
    Immigration law solicitors in Ealing dealing with all aspects of immigration law, all visa applications, tribunals and appeals.
    Location: Ealing
    Postcode: W5 4NG MAP
    Telephone: 020 8832 7321

  • MTG Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors in Hayes. Able to help with business visas, HSMP highly skilled migrant programme, innovators, settlement of spouse, student visa & working holiday makers.
    Location: Hayes
    Postcode: UB3 3EE MAP
    Telephone: 020 8754 5577

  • Penn Legal Solicitors
    Uxbridge immigration solicitors. Provides advice on all aspects of immigration law including study visas, working visas, UK residency visas, citizenship & other visas.
    Location: Uxbridge
    Postcode: UB8 1HR MAP
    Telephone: 0870 043 3876

  • Sabeers Stone Greene LLP
    Immigration solicitors in Shepherds Bush. Assisting clients with entry clearance, marriage & relationshop applications, work permits & business applications, asylum appeals, human rights & long residence, citzenship & nationality.
    Location: Shepherds Bush
    Postcode: W12 8AA MAP
    Telephone: 020 8740 7007

  • Sethi Partnership Solicitors
    Immigrationi solicitors in Ruislip. Able to help with visitor visas, student visas, UK residency & asylum. They represent clients from many countries around the world and can offer a professional interpreter in any language.
    Location: Ruislip
    Postcode: HA4 8TB MAP
    Telephone: 020 8866 6464

  • South England Solicitors
    Accredited immigration solicitor, based in Harrow, with many years experience in all aspects of immigration visa categories; points based system from Tier 1 to Tier 5 applications, all in country appeal related work to the AIT etc.
    Location: Harrow
    Postcode: HA3 8RP MAP
    Telephone: 0800 848 8991
    Mobile: 07932 322 614

  • Sriharans Solicitors
    Immigration solicitors based in Southall. Experts in asylum, immigration & human rights, work permits, business & highly skilled migration, student applications, family reunion applications & immigration appeals to the High Court.
    Location: Southall
    Postcode: UB1 1ND MAP
    Telephone: 020 8843 9974

  • Staines & Campbell Solicitors
    Immigration & asylum law solicitors in Ealing experienced in all immigration applications and appeals.
    Location: Ealing
    Postcode: W5 2AX MAP
    Telephone: 020 8579 7188

  • Starck Uberoi Solicitors
    Specialist immigration solicitors in Ealing for business / spouse / marriage / student / dependant visas, indefinite leave to remain, asylum, bail and deportation, immigration appeals, resident permits, sponsorship licence.
    Location: Ealing
    Postcode: W5 5RG MAP
    Telephone: 020 8840 6640

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