Psychiatrists and psychiatric clinics in North, South, East, West, Central London and Home Counties, psychiatry services and treatment for a wide range of conditions including but not exclusively limited to adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADD ADHD, insomnia and other sleeping disorders, depression and dysthymia, bipolar affective disorder, alcohol problems and addictions, anxiety disorders - social anxiety and panic attacks, generalised anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder OCD, post traumatic stress disorder PTSD, eating disorders, psychosis and schizophrenia, body dysmorphic disorder BDD. Treaments include a cognitive-behavioural sessions, psycho-education, talking therapy, lifestyle changes, medication and biological approaches. Short notice appointments, admitting rights to hospital, bespoke services, referrals for psychological therapy.

    Consultant Psychiatrist
    Dr Alberto Pertusa, consultant psychiatrist in Central London, provides disorder assessment & diagnosis, cognitive-behavioural & medical treatment, hospital admittance, short notice appointments, bespoke services, medico legal work
    NW1 6SH
    07714 203320

    London Psychiatric Clinic
    Private consultant psychiatrists in Harley Street & Edgware Rd Central London, Woking & Kingston, Surrey assess, diagnose and treat a full range of psychiatric disorders with medication, therapy, counselling and treatment plans.
    Harley Street - Edgware Road - London Bridge - Kingston - Woking
    0844 995 5123

    The Greenwood Clinic
    Consultant psychiatrists specialises in assessment and treatment for the full range of psychiatric disorders including assessment, diagnosis, treatment plans, psychological treatment, counselling and prescribe medications.
    Harley Street
    W1G 9QD
    07799 485161

    Private Psychiatry
    Private mental health counselling services with clinics in Kent, Essex, Surrey and London. They have psychiatrists who deal with depression, stress, anxiety disorders, also drug and alcohol misuse and eating disorders.
    01732 836320

    Dr Paul Morrison
    Dr Paul Morrison is a private psychiatrist in London & Surrey with over 17 years experience in the treatment of mental illness, recognised amongst his peers as an expert in CNS pharmacology & neuroscience.
    Central London - Surrey
    07791 559814

    The London Psychiatry Centre
    Experienced compassionate psychiatrists - mood disorder, trauma symptoms, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, group therapy & psycho education for bipolar disorder, stress management, ADHD, anxiety, problem solving, IVF treatment support.
    W1G 7HG
    020 7580 4224

    Dr James Woolley MBBS BSc MRCP MRCPsych
    Dr Woolley Consultant Psychiatrist has practiced in psychiatry for over 10 years at some of the most prestigious hospitals in London, private & NHS: central London teaching hospitals & Priory Hospital, Roehampton & St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey.
    London & Surrey
    0844 884 2366

    Dr Ravi Mehrotra
    Dr Mehrotra is an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist treating private patients at the Cardinal Clinic Windsor, conditions include personality disorder, depression, anxiety, post traumatic disorder PTSD, dementia, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dual diagnosis.
    Windsor, Berks
    SL4 5UL
    020 8892 0794

    The Blue Tree Clinic
    Based Wimpole Street Central London, Dr Mark Silvert & his team of expert psychiatrists, psychologists & health professionals provide confidential, fast & effective treatment, also CBT therapy & nutritionist support.
    W1G 9RJ
    0800 011 9883
    07563 976109

    Dr Benito
    Consultant psychiatrist Dr Benito sees patients privately at The Medical Chambers Kensington and practises under the NHS in Kensington and Chelsea, one of the country’s leading mental health NHS Foundation Trusts,
    SW5 0TG
    020 7244 4200