Wrist Bands

Personalised & bespoke wrist bands for admission, clubs, ID, children, the elderly and vulnerable, tracking, medical alert, charities, events, sports teams, universities, good causes & fashion in London. Bands made from rubber, leather, weave, silk, fabric, paper & cotton.

    THE ID Band Company
    Selection of child safety, ID, vital medication bracelets, adjustable velcro sport straps with engravable stainless tags, child & toddler engraveable bracelets, silicone & leather bands, club bands & tags.
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    Carrying Tagnix ID & identification is vital for those with medical conditions, children, adults, the vulnerable & elderly, all sports, travellers, people away from home. Colourful durable identity ICE bracelets, ID tags in 90 colours, shoe tags.
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    UK Events Wristbands
    London wrist band maker & supplier, Ticket Alternative UK Ltd supplies millions of wristbands to events in the UK & around the world, plastic, Tyvec, hollographic, coloured, bespoke, custom, UV, speciality.
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