Diabetes Equipment & Accessories

The latest diabetes equipment, painless blood sugar monitoring sensors, glucose reading meters, glucose and ketone strips, accessories, insulin pumps, information & advice.

    LifeScan OneTouch® UltraEasy® blood glucose monitoring system is their smallest most discreet meter yet, giving an accurate reading in just 5 seconds, time after time, so simple and easy you need never skip another test.
    0800 121 200

    A Sweet Life
    Features include recipes, the latest diabetic innovations, monitors, pumps, products and equipment, travelling with diabetes, features, tips, news, blogs, books, children & more.

    Funky Pumpers
    Manufacturing and selling insulin pump bags suitable for all commonly used UK pumps such as Medtronic, Animas, Cozmo, Roche. Pouches for children, sport, adults & can carry CGM & PDA devices as well as medical devices for other conditions.

    Freestyle Libre
    The FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system liberates patients from painful finger pricking. Check glucose levels by simply scanning the sensor, easy to use, waterproof, discreet, user friendly, rich data, pain free.
    Maidenhead, Berkshire
    SL6 4XE
    0800 170 1177

    MEkey ICE
    Medical and diabetes alert bracelets, wristbands, dog tags, sports wristbands, ID cards and wooden tags, also for blood groups, allergy, doctor contact, EHIC info, travel and medical insurance, emergency contact info, picture, name and dob.
    0114 231 6135
    07896 498418

    Pump Fashion
    Wide range of options for wearing your insulin pump, choice of pump packs, clothing with pump pockets and very versatile and extremely popular pump bands.
    Sidcup, Kent
    020 8859 2200

    The ID Band Company.
    Medical and diabetes alert bracelets, bands, dogtags, necklaces & sports wristbands, diabetes & medical kit bags, insulin pen storage & more.
    0845 269 4523

    SOS Privilege
    SOS Privilege provide medical ID cards suitable for diabetics and all other conditions, contains critical health information for emergency services enabling essential treatment to be carried out quicker.
    CH62 3PT
    0151 346 1640